bellingFAM: Hello and hi and nice to meet you

bellingFAM intro collage

Hi. It’s nice to meet you/see you again/say hello. (pick one.)

I must confess that I’m bad at introductions. Terribly awkward, even via blog. So, this is me, going in for a big hug, even though we just met.

I’m Katie. Mom to three kids. Wife to Josh. Born in California. Grew up in Bellingham. Left to go to college in Seattle and have, for the most part, been there ever since. I’m a freelance writer, for local and national online and print publications… and a stay-at-home mom, which means that I typically work at night (with Jimmy Fallon by my side). I’ve been a blogger for nearly 9 years, most recently on Being5, which I closed the chapter on in early 2014.

We moved back to Bellingham in Fall 2013 to raise our kids, find a slower pace of life and be near family. We loved (loved, loved, loved) living in Seattle and raising our kids in the city, but we are looking forward to a whole new set of adventures in the place where Josh and I were both raised. It’s exciting and scary and overwhelming… all at the same time.

I’m still figuring out what bellingFAM will be. I know it will be a place to share things to do, places to go and restaurants to try in Bellingham and Whatcom County, as well as some of our favorite places to play, eat and explore in Seattle — from how to navigate the tourist traps with kids to the spots that locals covet as their own faves. I have some fun partnerships with my favorite brands coming up (ahem. shoes. obviously.) and hope to share others with you as time goes by. A giveaway here and there (as in, tomorrow). Advertising for brands that I stand behind. Fun on Instagram. Maybe something funny now and again. (maybe.)

I’m glad you’re here. I’m thankful you’re here. And I’m so grateful that you’ve shared me with your friends, Liked the bellingFAM Facebook page and popped over to Instagram to say hi.


Want to work together or hear more about bellingFAM? Send me an email at I’d love to chat! 


6 thoughts on “bellingFAM: Hello and hi and nice to meet you

  1. Sarah

    Hi Katie,

    We are brand new {as of last week} to Washington, specifically Bellingham, and I can’t wait to learn & explore the town as you begin this blog!


  2. Kaisa

    Hi Katie,
    I suppose I’m the opposite of you. I lived in Bellingham for college (both undergraduate and Masters) and now I live in Seattle. I’m sad to say I didn’t follow your old blog but a friend of mine sent me here. I’m glad to meet you and look forward to your fun B’ham adventures!


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