National Day of Unplugging 2014

National Day of Unplugging 2014

Today, at sunset, I’ll be unplugging from for an entire 24-hours for the National Day of Unplugging. I participated last year (apparently I also wear a hat when I unplug) — we happened to be out of town at the gorgeous Alderbrook Resort — and although the thought of leaving my phone out of my hand for a full 24-hours did initially make me twitch, it was quite therapeutic, especially for a gal who spends 90 percent of her day in front of a screen.

This year, the National Day of Unplugging starts today — Friday, March 7, 2014 at sundown — and lasts through sundown on Saturday, March 8. Unplugging means something different for everyone. For some people, this means absolutely zero technology. For others, like me, it means putting my beloved iPhone aside, letting my inbox fill up and my Facebook feed go unread. It’s easier said than done, for sure.

You can read more about the National Day of Unplugging HERE, which is run by a fantastic organization, and find them on Facebook HERE. You can print your own “I unplug to…” sign HERE. Upload it to Facebook or Instagram and tag me! I want to see why you’re unplugging… when I get back online, that is.

hat available here.


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