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Kid style: Native Shoes

Everett needed a new pair of shoes after he completely thrashed his TOMS Botas Boots and we grabbed these Native Shoes while we were out running errands over the weekend. He’s been wearing them nearly 24/7 since, even asking me to take them in the bath yesterday. I think that means he likes them.

We’ve had Natives in the past and Meg still has a pair that started as Janie’s. They are a hip update to Crocs, but with the same functionality. Consider them the super-cool hipster cousin of the Croc, if you will.

If you haven’t had a pair in the past, they do seem to fit pretty true-to-size, although they only come in whole sizes and you’ll want to get them a bit bigger, rather than snug, because it can be hard to get sweaty summer feet in them if they are too small. A little room seems to help and they stay on well, regardless.

Also, the white part around the sole gets scuffed up easily, but also washes easily with a quick dip in the sink. Be warned: Do not put them in the dishwasher or in hot water, as they will shrink! (Learned that lesson the hard way!)

If you live in Bellingham, you can pick them up at REI (they are along the wall, all of the way at the bottom and also available in pink!). You can also grab a pair via Zappos or on the Native Shoes website (they have a larger selection of colors and styles, but shipping will run you about $10). I have my eye on this pair for myself!

Do your kids love Native Shoes too?


3 thoughts on “Kid style: Native Shoes


    Ooooh thanks for the tip about them being at REI! I ordered a pair directly from their website last summer but they ended up being WAAAY too big so I returned them. Plus, my strong-willed almost-3-year-old will actually wear shoes that she “helps” pick out, but refuses to don anything that she wasn’t involved in shopping for, so it’s nice to be able to see them in person. :)


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