bellingFAM Families: I’d love to feature YOU!

Photo by Alyssa Brown Photography

You GUYS, I just can’t take the amount of kind support you’ve shown me with the launch of bellingFAM over the past couple of weeks!

While I’m still wading through what works and what doesn’t as a new-to-Bellingham blogger, this place is already surpassing what I imagined it would be. THANK YOU for your Facebook Likes and comments and Bellingham Bucket List suggestions and sweet emails and ALL OF IT. The only way blogs survive is if people are reading them AND sharing them with their friends. Seriously, thank you.

I want to get started on a weekly feature on bellingFAM, which is going to be called WE ARE bellingFAM. Every week, a new family (or mom or dad) will be featured in a fun-to-read little Q&A session about what their favorite places to play and eat and explore in Bellingham are. As the Bellingham Bucket List proved, there are countless ways that families in Bellingham play and each family has its own go-to spots that they’d love to share.

Being a WE ARE bellingFAM family is super easy. I send you a list of questions. You give me some short and sweet answers and a picture of you or your family, if you’d like. Moms/dads/families who have their own businesses, Etsy shops, local stores, things they want to shout from the top of the Herald building? Let’s make sure to get that on their too! Do you live outside of Bellingham? Please chime in! We’d love to hear what you love about Ferndale, Lynden, Glacier, Everson or wherever you call home in Whatcom (or even Skagit!) County!

Interested in being a WE ARE bellingFAM family? Send me a quick email (, leave a comment on this blog post or send me a Facebook message. I’ll be in touch. Know someone who would make a great MEET bellingFAM family or parent? Please, oh, please, send this their way!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

// photo by alyssa brown photography //

4 thoughts on “bellingFAM Families: I’d love to feature YOU!

  1. jessicajspencer

    Fun! We are a Ferndale family and don’t really have much to promote (aside from maybe fun things to do in Ferndale).

    Enjoying reading this blog — I’m now a follower ;)!


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