31 Things I found in my car

31 Things I found in my car this weekend

I finally bit the bullet and cleaned the inside of my car over the weekend. To say that it was a disaster would be a huge understatement, because yikes. It wasn’t just messy. It was dirty in there. Filthy, really. And full of stuff. The state of my car is always a reflection of how busy I am. Messy car, busy week. Same goes with clean underwear at home. If nobody has clean underwear, it’s been a hell of a week at our house.

Here are 31 things I found in my car this weekend. So terribly random. I’m cringing. Please tell me that you have weird things in you car too…

1. A roll of black craft paper.
2. A roll of brown craft paper.
3. A bag of toys from Everett’s sharing day at school.
4. A Stella and Dot bracelet. This one, to be exact.
5. A felt flower hair clip from Anthropologie.
6. A roll of red and white butchers string. I get it on Amazon to use on gift wrap. It lasts forever. Especially if you leave it in the car.
7.Three empty Starbucks cups.
8.A blue water bottle.
9. A stainless steel growler. The one thing in the car that is Josh’s.
10.An entire bag of miscellaneous trash. Trust me, you don’t want to know the details.
11. A pair of pink sunglasses. Everett’s, of course.
12. An orange poof.
13. An orange scrunchie. Why do these still exist?
14. A Missoni umbrella. Real stuff, AKA not from Target.
15. Two rain jackets. One Meg’s, one mine.
16. A shirt that’s way too small for Everett.
17. Janie’s sweatshirt.
18. My favorite clogs.
19. A pink Nalgene sippy cup.
20. A blue Nagene sippy cup.
21. Everett’s backpack.
22. Janie’s bracelet.
23. Janie’s turtle ring.
24. Janie’s earphone extension cord. (are you seeing a trend here?)
25. A little container with graham cracker kitty cookie crumbs.
26. A roll of hot pink Washi tape.
27. That missing pirate sock that I’ve been searching high-and-low for.
28. Paint samples.
29. Everett’s preschool book order.
30. A Trader Joe’s reusable bag, that I always, always, always forget in the car when I shop.
31. Ev’s down jacket.


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