Let’s talk about the deer

Let’s talk about the deer.

(I almost titled this post “Oh, deer!” but I thought twice…)

Is it just me, or are there more deer than people in Bellingham? I swear that I don’t go on a single drive without seeing some trying to cross the road/nearly hitting one that is crossing the road. It’s kind of insane, right?

When we were signing the papers on our new house a couple of weeks ago, we happened to run into the previous owner in the lobby of the title company. She was so sweet and we chatted for a moment or two.

On our way out, she said, “Oh, I need to tell you about the deer. You have to feed them.”


She revealed that she’s been feeding them from her back porch for years and that they will actually come up to the back window and wait until you bring them apples.

Let’s try that again… Huh?

I asked if she cuts them up. (I was joking.)

She said yes. (She wasn’t joking.)

Josh and I left, shaking our heads and thinking that she must be exaggerating a bit. We laughed about it and told the kids that our new house came with pet deer. YAY! We don’t have to get a dog anymore!

Then, on Friday, Everett and I were in the front yard when we noticed a deer casually walking towards the back. By the time we got there, she was waiting for us, just at the end of the deck. And, even with a 4-year old who was hopping back and forth on his feet with excitement, she just stayed there… waiting.

I grabbed an apple from the fridge and tossed it out to her as she gave me an exasperated look, like she was saying, “It’s about time, lady.”

So, now we have a pet deer. She’s been back a couple of times now and gets so close that we could reach out and pet her, if we were so bold, which we aren’t. Because, um, rabies. She does seem to prefer the apples cut up — she couldn’t seem to break through the skin of the apple when it was whole. Also, I’m apparently a deer lady now. It’s like a cat lady, except weirder.

I admit that I feel like I’m screwing with Mother Nature a bit by feeding her and I’m wondering how long it will be before I come down the hallway to find a deer standing in my kitchen.

Do you have a crazy deer story to share? Please do! Crazy like company.

This isn’t our first close encounter with wild animals. This happened at our house in Seattle: Read this first, then this. Warning: It includes raccoons. And some graphic language. And possibly some illegal animal dumping.


8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the deer

  1. Crystal P

    We used to live in a house on Silver Beach Ave near lake Whatcom… the first spring we were there I look out my kitchen window to see 8 full grown deer resting in my yard! I guess our yard was their resting spot as they came down from the woods to drink from the lake. I tried having a garden at that house, but the deer would eat anything and everything I planted (even stuff they were supposed to hate). My kids and I became very familiar with identifying deer skat and I would have to clean the land mines before the kiddos could go out to play. Also had run ins with many raccoons and an eagle that was stalking my chickens. :-)


  2. Megan Richards

    My great aunt and uncle live on Lummi Island and they had a pet deer that one day walked in there garage and helped himself to some grain that was in there. After that they left a dish of food out by the door, the deer would come every day to get his food.


  3. Kathy Sayers Hennessy

    I live near Whatcom Falls. We have herds of deer. We do not feed them. They are cute, but they are disease-carrying wild animals. They weigh a lot more than the kids so we worry they could hurt them if we got too close. Luckily, the dog keeps our yard mostly free of deer but occasionally we find a small herd munching away on our front yard clover patch.

    My only funny story is that I created a garden bed in our front yard two years ago. I wanted to be different and not plant the usual rhodedendrum/azalea/heather bushes that I know are deer-proof. So, I spent more money on other deer-proof bushes. Which the deer have been eating ever since. So, very soon, I will be replacing them with rhodies, azaleas, and heather. Because I give up.


  4. Katie Kavulla Post author

    MEGAN! That’s crazy, but I totally believe it! I keep thinking that if I leave the backdoor open, one will wander right into my kitchen. I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


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