Let’s start the weekend… NOW

From DesignLoveFest

image via my pinterest account, but actually via here.

I’m starting the weekend early. Like, five-minutes ago.

In reality, I have a ton to do today, non-work-related, so I’m jumping offline to get a move on. We’re double-booked tonight, the Boys and Girls Club Auction and then celebrating my younger brother’s birthday (I don’t understand how he is 30 ¬†when I’m only 23, ahem). Tomorrow, it’s back-to-back t-ball and soccer games, plus a baby shower for a sweet friend. Plus, we must, must, must get Everett’s room done this weekend. Do you hear me, universe? MUST.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Tell me what you have going on!

Here’s what happened on bellingFAM this week:

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