Kid-friendly restaurants in Bellingham: Suggestions needed!

We’re starting to work on a list of family-favorites for dining out in Bellingham (and Whatcom County!), but with so many places that welcome kids, we need your help to get started!

Where does your family love to go out to eat? Do you have a go-to spot?

I’m still figuring out the best way to format this list. Just one long, alphabetical list, like the Bellingham Bucket List? By category, maybe? Breakfast vs. lunch/dinner? Or, possibly by type of food? Mexican, sushi, burgers, quick bites?

Beyond being just a list of places to go, we’ll be reviewing each restaurant on its own too. What our kids love to eat there. What YOU love about eating there with your family (keep an eye on our Facebook page for that!)

(Hope you all had a nice weekend! Ours was busy, but I feel refreshed.)




5 thoughts on “Kid-friendly restaurants in Bellingham: Suggestions needed!

  1. Kathy Sayers Hennessy

    Boundary Bay, Avenue Bread, La Fiamma, On Rice, Boomers, Taco Lobo, Pepper Sisters, Anthony’s Homeport. (notice I name all local, no national chains. Bhamsters are all about supporting local! 0


  2. Cory

    La Fiamma Pizza, my kids love playing with the dough, Boomers, kids meal comes in a cardboard car and Shrimp Shack, kids meal comes in a cardboard boat. Old Town Cafe tops the list.


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