Mom style: My new favorite sandals

Splendid Sandals from

Surprise, surprise. I’ve fallen in love with a new pair of shoes.

Meet the Splendid Cargo Sandals (, $68).

These beauties arrived last week and it was swoon at first sight. But, you know how sandals can be… sometimes, they look amazing, but they kill your feet. These, however, are like butter from the first time you put them on. They go on super easy and I wore them for hours on Mother’s Day, and yesterday, without even thinking about them.

I’ve been wanting a pair of shoes with an elastic cross-strap like this for a long time (I’d had my eyes on these for years), so when I spotted this pair from Splendid on, I knew they had to come home with me. Plus, I’m obsessed with a neutral shoe right now and that pop of color sealed the deal.

Splendid Sandals from

Little did I know that they also had this super fun, bright zipper on the back. (It was a bit hard to selfie the back of my heels with the shoes on…) The zipper does come up a bit high on the back of your heel, but it is covered with leather on the inside of the shoe, so while it is rubbing a bit at the top of my heel, it’s not bugging me or leaving a blister.

Splendid Sandals

The Splendid Cargo Sandal also comes in black, which is a classic alternative to the neon yellow in the pair I have. I admit that I’m very tempted to grab a pair of these as well. Cute with a long black maxi, perhaps?

Which color do you prefer?
The classic black? Or the pair with the pop of neon?

All shoes featured above are available via They are one of my favorite Seattle companies and I love working closely with them to feature shoes. Thank you for shopping with the brands that I work with and that support bellingFAM.


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