How to keep your kids reading this summer (Free printable)

Summer Reading Bingo from PCP

click the image above to go to the full printable at Paper Court Press

Summer is so close that we can taste it. My girls are talking about summer nonstop these days and I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that there are less than 12 days of school left, some of those being half-days! Eek!

I admit that I’m behind in my summer planning and that it has certainly caught me by surprise this year. But, with hardly anything on the calendar, aside from some camping and a lot of fun, local summer adventures, a laid back, play in the backyard all-day-long, BBQ for dinner kind of summer is the only one I’m really “planning” on this year. And, it sounds amazing.

Parents of school-aged kids know that it can be tricky to keep your kids reading over summer. We try to carve out time each afternoon, usually as I’m making lunch for the kids, to read and spend time with books, but when the sun is shining, squeezing in those essential minutes are hard.

One of my secret weapons for summer reading is this free printable from Paper Court Press. It’s bingo-style, which will motivate your little readers to keep their nose in a book this summer and with some fun rewards as they read. They also provide these accompanying coupons, which kids earn as they fill up their bingo chart, and you can customize them to fit whatever reading rewards speak to your kids — a trip to get ice cream, extra computer time, whatever rings their bell.

Paper Court Press has some other fun, free printables online as well. Visit their website and scroll down to the bottom. The owner, Courtney, is a mom of two boys herself, so she gets it.

You can also find Paper Court Press on Pinterest and Facebook, where we love following her fun, creative kid-centric, creative posts and pins!

How do you keep your kids reading over the summer?

Paper Court Press makes my favorite phone covers too, in case you’re in the market for one. They save my phone from this clumsy mom over and over and over again.


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