Summer Reading Time Sheet (Free printable)

My girls were so excited to get the information about the Bellingham Public Library’s summer reading program from school last week and they both came right home from school, grabbed a book and started reading. (Yay!)

If you’re not familiar with the reading program, it’s pretty cool. Designed for kids ages 5-12 (there’s also a program for kids ages birth through age 5), if kids read or are read to for 15 hours this summer, they get to celebrate with a prize from the library, a sign to put in their front yard and an invitation to a celebration at the end of the summer. It’s a great incentive to keep your kids reading this summer!

You can see all of the details about the Fizz, Boom, READ! Summer Reading Program here and if you need a printable copy of the kid-friendly details, you can find those here.

My kindergartner, soon-to-be first grader, got her reading log, with all of those cute little science beakers to fill out as you read for 15-minutes and promptly colored all over it. I knew that it wouldn’t be an effective way for her to keep track of her reading time this summer, so I whipped up our own reading log, where she could cross out her time as she reads.

Summer Reading Time Sheet

I made it generic, if you’d like to use it, too. You can find it here: Summer Reading Time Sheet. I left it in black and white to make it easy to print and a nice big spot at the top for your reader to write their name.

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Summer Reading Time Sheet (Free printable)

  1. jessicajspencer

    Thanks for sharing this — I had no idea they had a program for the little kiddos too. We printed out our activity sheet and have already counted hopping on one leg this morning. :)


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