Revisiting the Bellingham Bucket List for summer

bellingFAM Bellingham Bucket List Logo

It’s here… summer.

I’m not sure that I’m ready, in all honesty. I was certainly ready for school to be over (we all were!), but I haven’t done as much pre-summer prep as I’d like, especially after dealing with a bit of a plumbing disaster this week (we still don’t have water at home, eek!).

But, it’s summer, nonetheless, and after spending a morning recovering from the hustle and bustle of the last two weeks of school, my kids are itching for adventures and fun.

I’ve revisited the Bellingham Bucket List for summer, make notes and adding links to the things that are on our to-do list. Plus, I’ve decided that Bellingham Bucket List posts will be shorter and sweeter, rather than full of detail. I’m certain that you don’t have time to read a novel of a post for each adventure, so I think a new format will be lovely… for all of us!

What’s on your summer bucket list in Bellingham and Whatcom County? I know I’m still missing some great adventures on our list and I’d love more ideas… keep them coming, friends!


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