July photo challenge on Instagram (Giveaway)

July Photo Challenge

In an attempt to take more pictures, because I’ve been a slacker lately, I made a little Instagram photo challenge for July.

I’ve done a few of these before and not only did they inspire me to take more creative, thoughtful pictures, but it helped me see my everyday life in a new way. Plus, having all of the pictures I took during those months was so valuable.

This is super easy… and fun. If you’re on Instagram,┬árepost the picture of the prompts (there’s a picture of them on my Instagram account) and then get started tomorrow, posting a picture for the first prompt and including #bellingFAM and tagging me, if you’d like. I usually also use the prompt of the day on my pictures, or hashtag it, for example, for the 1st, I’d do #morning.

I have no idea if some of you will follow along, but (NEW RULES!) for each day you participate, you’ll get an entry into the giveaway drawing at the end of the month. To be entered, you must follow bellingFAM on Instagram and you must tag #bellingFAM in your pictures. One winner will win $20 to Printstagram, where they can print their pretty Instagram photos. I love their 4×4 square photos, but they also have cute magnets, photo books, and even posters.

If you’re a private Instagram user and would prefer to stay that way, there’s an option for you to show me your photos at the end of the month. We can chat about that later.

Happy clicking!

Psst! Giveaway provided by bellingFAM.


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