Mom style: A winter vest in the middle of summer

The North Face Darella Vest

You know how sometimes, you fall in love with a piece of clothing and you know that you can hardly live without it?

Even if that piece of clothing is a winter vest and it’s the middle of summer and suppose to be 80 degrees out today and you’re sitting in front of an air conditioner while you order it?

Yeah, me too.

I spotted The North Face Darella Vest on a few weeks ago and I’ve resisted the urge to buy her, but I can hardly stand it any longer. I know it’s a ridiculous purchase, considering it’s, um, summer, but isn’t she pretty? And won’t I be happy once temperatures start cooling down for fall? In, oh, two months?

Please tell me I’m not crazy. Do you buy clothes off-season, too? Or, do you love this vest as much as I do? Gosh, the more I type, the more insane I sound.

Let’s take a vote. Buy it now and tuck it away until fall? Or leave it be and hope that it will still be there or that I’ll find something cozy that I love more in a couple of months?

(Psst! Want to order this vest? Or anything else from Email me for a discount code!

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4 thoughts on “Mom style: A winter vest in the middle of summer

  1. Katie Kavulla Post author

    ThreadUP is awesome, Heather! I was one of their first users, before they launched, and I love peeking around on there, too! Thanks for the reminder to do some searching… I spent more tim than I should have browsing tonight… :)


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