Notes from a week in Seattle

Week in Seattle

We spent all of last week in Seattle, soaking up the city for our summer vacation. And, while it’s good to be home (isn’t it always, after a week away?), we had the best time visiting our favorite places, eating at a few restaurants we’ve been missing since we moved to Bellingham and catching up with our Seattle family and friends.

I’ll have more detailed posts about some of our adventures this week, but in the meantime, here’s the full run-down of everything we did…

Bouncy houses at Magnolia Summerfest. Kiddo talent show. Outdoor movie on the lawn. The best parade ever. Dinner with neighbors. Walking and scootering around the neighborhood. Downtown. Pike Place Market. The magic store. And the wind-up toy store. Gum wall. The waterfront. Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. A trip to Bellevue. Lego Store. Dinner at Pagliacci. Mornings at Ella Bailey Park. Swimming at Pop Mounger Pool. Walks to our favorite Starbucks. Catching the Seahawks at the neighborhood pub. Running into countless friends. Queen Anne wading pool. Lincoln Park in West Seattle. Dinner with cousins. And delicious Moscow Mules. Too many Moscow Mules. Margaritas and nachos and friends at the ‘Ranch.

I feel like I’m forgetting a million things. Hopefully they’ll come to me this week as we get back into the swing of things! Which, speaking of, I’m off to Trader Joe’s, as our fridge is empty…

Look forward to getting back to bellingFAM! What have you been up to?


3 thoughts on “Notes from a week in Seattle

  1. Katie Kavulla Post author

    It was SO delicious, Amber! We went to the sit-down restaurant in Bellevue Square and devoured slices and salads… I miss it, too! There’s nothing that compares in Bellingham.


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