10 Things I said to my kids at Trader Joe’s yesterday

Ugh. Trader Joe’s. I love you and hate you, all at once.

I mean, I certainly love you more when I don’t have all three kids with me. There just isn’t enough room in those teeny-tiny aisles, is there? Especially with three little ones trailing behind me, like little ducklings.

I ran into more than one person I know at Trader Joe’s yesterday and as I left, I was hoping that they didn’t actually witness me shopping, because it’s not pretty. And, I say some weird stuff as I shop… to my kids. Obviously.

Here’s a little sampling. Please tell me you’ve said these things, or something equally as odd, to your kids when you were grocery shopping. Please, oh, please.

Trader Joe's

10 Things I said to my kids at Trader Joe’s yesterday

1. Don’t throw your flip-flops.

2. Did you just lick that bread?

3. There’s the yeti!

4. Stop touching that. Stop touching that. Stop touching that. (Repeat, until we leave.)

5. No, I’m not buying you your own bottle of salt to keep in your room.

6. Don’t spit that out.

7. Watch for Canadians. They’re not watching for you.

8. Did you just lick that bag of chips?

9. Stop pretending you’re a bunny.

10. Sure, you can have some coffee. Get one for mommy while you’re over there.

Dish it.
What crazy things do you find yourself saying as you shop with your kids?


10 thoughts on “10 Things I said to my kids at Trader Joe’s yesterday

  1. Alyssa

    Oh man, #7 is so true! And #10 is hilairious. I don’t have kids yet, but I see myself saying this often. Coffee = Love

    Glad you made it out of TJ’s alive! I was there on Sunday and actually found a parking spot. In their lot even! Amazing!


  2. Bonnie

    “You peed your pants while looking at underwear?”

    My daughter is potty training and we were looking at big girl underwear as reward for no accidents.


  3. Heather H

    LOL! I loved #7, I grew up in Ferndale and we were just home visiting for two weeks, I had to teach my husband and kids all about our friends from the north.

    I had to tell my almost 5 year old to not lick the floor in the checkout lane last fall, I almost threw up when I saw what he was doing.


  4. Katie Kavulla Post author

    Don’t get me wrong… I’m grateful for the HUGE positive impact Canadian shoppers have on Whatcom County, but… they do tend to nearly run me over every time I’m in the Trader Joe’s parking lot! :)


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