Kid style: Back-to-school with Meg

Meg Style

Meg has always, always, always had her own style. She isn’t one to succumb to trends (and yes, even in 1st grade, there are trends!) and her bright spirit and personality shines through in her clothing choices… more than any other kiddo we have at home. She knows what she likes and she goes for it… pattern mixing and styling be damned.

Back to school style

// Both from GAP: Knit Schoolgirl Jumper ($18 on sale) & Slub Scoop Tee ($10 on sale) //

There was a time, a couple of years ago, when Meg would only wear boy clothes. Batman shirts. Black cozy pants. Brown Converse. (Which all live in Everett’s closest now!) But, slowly, as her closest filled up with hand-me-down dresses from Janie’s wardrobe, Meg began to dress “like a girl” again and she’s taken the role quite seriously since. There’s always pink. There’s always pattern. There’s often an animal print somewhere. The girl has style… there’s no doubt about it.

Ugg Boots for Kids

// From UGG Australia K Pepper Booties ($75) //

To be honest, I don’t buy her many clothes, if any. The hand-me-downs from Janie usually fill her closet to the brim and, at any given time, she has more clothes than any of the other kids. But, for back-to-school, she picked out a few new outfits to freshen things up.

Striped GAP Dress

// From GAP: Rubgy Slub Dress ($20 on sale) //

She picked all dresses for her back-to-school clothes, and while it was too hot to wear them on the day we took pictures, she also grabbed super-soft tights to go with each dress. Meg prefers tights over leggings so that she doesn’t have to wear socks with her shoes…

Back to school style from GAP

 // From GAP: Floral Hi-Lo Dress ($35) //
// Everett’s shirt from kate&jAMES: Don’t Give Up the Ship Tee ($24) //

I think that this is my favorite dress in from her back-to-school picks. It’s lightly floral, with a sweet little tie around the tummy. It feels so old fashioned and classic, but when paired with navy cotton tights with silver¬†stripes and her UGG booties, it’s so very Meg.

What did your kids pick for back-to-school?


3 thoughts on “Kid style: Back-to-school with Meg

  1. genieinablog

    One of my 6yo twins loves all things dresses. I have to convince her to wear shorts once a week for running club at school. Her twin sister? All shorts/pants, all the time. (She’s s Spider-Man lover, but all 3 of my girls are obsessed with ninja turtles right now.)


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