The House on Fremont Street: Coat closet makeover

We’ve been working, in bits-and-pieces to give our coat closet a makeover, in an attempt to make it more functional for us, and especially for the kids, and I’m excited to say that after a month of work, it’s complete! (You can read about how we got started and our brainstorming process.)

(Please excuse the not-so-great pictures. There isn’t much room in our entryway to back up and get a full-length shot and it’s dark out today, so my apologies!)

Here’s what it looked like before:

Coat Closet Makeover

Coat Closet Makeover

And, here’s what it looks like now:

New Coat Closet Doorknob and Hinges

New Coat Closet Closeup Top


New Coat Closet After

Coat Closet Makeover

We were inspired by Playing House Full Time, who did these incredible Pinterest-esque wall in their own home on a whim one night. I’m not sure we pulled off recreating the same look in our closet (because, um, angles and corners), but we love how it turned out.

The gray is the same color we used in our bedroom (String from Pantone, available at Lowe’s) and the dark blue is the same that’s in our living room (Moroccan Blue from Pantone). The mint-ish blue is a new color for us (Bay from Pantone), but I’m loving it and I think I’ll use it in the girls’ room, too. We used semi-gloss for all of the paint in the closet, on the trim and on the door because we have little people with little hands that are often covered in dirt. There’s a lot of wall washing in this house.

New Coat Closet Closeup Bottom

This pattern wasn’t our original plan for the closet — we had painted the entire closet that deep blue as the base of our previous plan (there were arrows involved) — and I think that I would have prefer all of the blue to be white, but I love it, just the same and think it’s a fun, bold design in this small space.

We also went with a much simpler route for the hooks than we’d originally planned. Once we dove into adding the design on the walls, I knew that I’d need to scale back on the hooks. I nearly ordered these from Land of Nod, but they were back-ordered and I just couldn’t wait another month to get our coats in the closet. I could see adding them at a later date, if we feel like these aren’t strong/big enough to hold our gear, but for now, they’re great.

New Coat Closet Closeup Floor

Here’s to hoping that the coat closet makeover will help keep our small entryway a little more organized! The kids are still learning to put it to use, after an entire month of just dumping their backpacks and coats on the floor in the living room, thanks to being closet-free. But, baby steps, right? So far, they seem to be able to reach their backpacks easily and I’ve noticed that shoes are actually in the closet in the morning, rather than scattered around the house, so I think we’re on to something…

New Coat Closet Before and After

Cost breakdown:

  • Paint: We already had the blue and white paints, but bought a fresh gallon of gray and a quart of mint. $50
  • Tape: I try to splurge on Frog Tape, when I can. It’s worth it. $12
  • Wood trim for hooks: We already had these in Josh’s stash of wood. $0
  • Hooks: Available from Target. $18
  • Rug: I stole the one from the front door. $0
  • Shoe baskets: They are similar to this one from Target, but they were on clearance at the store. $18
  • Doorknob & hinges: I need to check with Josh to see the exact ones he bought. I’ll update it later. $30


Here’s an update on our to-do list:

  • Demo out the shelf and bar: Complete!
  • Add a switched light fixture: Complete! We ended up using a can light to give us more space and we love it!
  • Paint the inside of the closet: Complete!
  • Possibly add a bench: We decided that a bench would be too much. In other words, Josh was right.
  • Add boards: Complete!
  • Add hooks: Complete!
  • Paint the door, inside and out: Complete! We weren’t going to do this yet, as we’re still planning what the rest of the entryway will look like, but this door was so dull and we couldn’t help ourselves. The fresh coat of white is very nice.
  • Add a new doorknob and hinges: Complete! Again, we weren’t planning on diving into this pool yet, but we found some we liked and that didn’t cost a fortune, so there wasn’t any reason not to get started with this door. You have to start somewhere, right?

Still on our to-do list for the coat closet:

  • Replace the flooring to continue into the closet from the entryway: Another big decision that we have yet to make. I mean, as much as I love (cough, cough) that blue and white linoleum, I think it’s got to go. I could dedicate an entire post to the crazy flooring ideas I’ve tried to talk Josh into.
  • Add additional storage: The door is hallow, so while I was originally thinking that I’d add some baskets for additional storage, I know that won’t work. (Because Josh told me so.) I am on the hunt for some lightweight, easy-to-hang folders or small bins for the kids to dump their school papers as they unpack their backpacks after school.

We’re trying to decide on our next project… I think that since we’re on a roll with the coat closet in the entryway, we should continue and finish the entire space. Another possibility is the entry from the garage into the house (we need to build a shoe rack, revamp the step and freshen up the door). Or, maybe the closet in our bedroom, which needs some space rearrangement and storage solutions, big time.

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