Katie Loves This: Edition 2

The first edition of Katie Loves This was a hit! Thanks for emailing me some of your favorites, too. Look forward to featuring them! Here’s what I’m loving this week…

Katie Loves This


The last time I made chili for dinner, it was lame. It was a basic recipe and it took a LOT of extras to make it taste like anything. Loving these chili recipes for fall from around blog-land. Hoping to find a new favorite.

This new Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix from Not Without Salt. Enough said. Buy some for everyone you know. And then more for yourself.

Remember that family who did the Christmas jammies rap? They had a new song drop for Halloween, Kin and Moose: Gin and Juice Halloween Parody from the Holderness Family. Hilarious, as always.

The planner that I’ve been using since I was in college (that was a LONG TIME AGO) didn’t come back this year. This is the new version and I’m trying to get on board, but really, this paper calendar loving girl is in mourning.

Katie Loves This: Edition 1. October 2014.

have something for me to love? send me an email! i’d love to hear about it! bellingFAM@gmail.com xxoo.


9 thoughts on “Katie Loves This: Edition 2

  1. Leigh Ann

    Oooh I love how you put this together! I have a “Stuff I love” post in draft that I can’t wait to post.

    The Christmas Jammies family lives in my sis-in-law’s neighborhood. Small world, hilarious videos.


  2. Katie Kavulla Post author

    Thanks, Leigh Ann! It’s such a great (and easy!) way to kick off the week of posts… and a nice spot to add those little faves that I don’t have a full post for. Post yours! :)

    Also, NO WAY. Please tell me that they’re cool in real life? I would kind of stalk them. A little.


  3. Amy Beard Terrell

    I would totally stalk them! They look like my “kind” — :-) That is hilarious…..and i was not sure what sort of “edibles” you had in #2 – but damn salted chocolate? Where do I find that?


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