Katie Loves This: Edition 4

Hello, there. Happy it’s-really-cold-out Monday! The weekend whizzed by, didn’t it? We were busy and recovering from colds and headed into a week that will make me BEG for Friday. Let’s get it started out with some favorites from the past week… What are you loving right now?

Katie Loves This

I’m still mad at coco+kelley for making me like things from Chico’s. It’s so confusing. Because, this blouse. And, this vest. And, ohmygodstopit.

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to hair and with a cut and color on the horizon (much-needed, let me tell you!), I have this picture on my mind. What do you think? Too much? Not so short, for sure, but blunt and uber-bright… (Picture originally from & so it goes…)

Speaking of Pinterest, if you’re on there, you’ve probably been re-pinning all of these yummy, pretty recipe pins from Damn Delicious. I finally took the time to check it out from my computer, rather than my phone, and it’s sooo good. Dinner ideas galore!

In things that have surprised me this week news, I’m obsessed with Katherine Heigl’s Instagram account.  I know that everyone says she’s a total bitch, but I think she looks like a lot of fun. And, like a great mama.

Katie Loves This: Edition 1. October 2014.
Katie Loves This: Edition 2. October 2014.
Katie Loves This: Edition 3. November 2014.

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