bellingFAM Holiday Gift Guide {2014}: For the boys

bellingFAM Gift Guide for Boys

Boys, boys, boys. They can be the hardest ones to shop for, can’t they? Here are some of our favorite gifts for boys that we hope will be a hit this holiday season. A few of these are already beloved, Everett-approved toys in our house and a few are ones that he might find under the Christmas tree this year!

Gift Guide for Boys

Chase Wooden Taxi Cab, EllaMenoPea, $30
Everett has one of these gorgeous cars from EllaMenoPea and it’s one of his most prized toys. I love that it’s nice and big — I often try to steal it to put on his dresser, because it’s so cool as decor, but he always catches me and puts it back with his car collection! (Psst! EllaMenoPea is a Seattle company and all of their products are hand-crafted by a cool dad!)

Rock-Out Headphones, Pottery Barn Teen, $39 (on sale!)
These headphone from Pottery Barn Teen are a huge hit at our house. The girls both have them and Ev is next. They’re cool and useful and super sturdy, without looking like they’re made for little kids. Plus, they come with an extra long extension cord, which comes in handy often!

I’m Just Moon Walkin’ Tee, kate&jAMES, $24
You know we love our locally-based kate&jAMES! This is one of their newest tees and it’s a must-have for the little guys on your list… or the girls, for that matter!

Fish Bones Hat, Grom Squad, $23
I met this cool new brand at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year and was so excited when they launched recently. It’s harder than you think to find cool hats for little guys and these are awesome!

Home Run Baseball Blanket, Teamees, $53 and up
This blanket has been on my Gift Brainstorms Pinterest board for ages and I’m just waiting to find the perfect little guy to gift one to. They make blankets for other sports, as well, and each blanket comes in multiple sizes.

The S’more the Merrier Campfire Set, The Land of Nod, $69
I’m obsessed with this for Everett because he absolutely loves to tend the campfires during the summer… and throw stuff in the fire. Same thing, right? Looks like it’s backordered until January now. Bummer!

Color the Earth Kit, Uncommon Goods, $25
A very cool gift for the boys who are a little older, this is a great gift to mail, since it comes deflated. Perfect for the kiddo with a touch of wanderlust…

Handtrux Backhoe, Amazon, $18
How innovative are these? Apparently, there is an entire TV show based around these hand shovels for kids. There are other versions available on Amazon, as well.

Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker, Amazon, $35
While we’re not certain if these are a great gift idea or one that will have you yelling “stop touching your popsicles together!” they are still super fun. Maybe you should get these for someone else’s kid. That might be a better plan!

Ferry Boat with Mini Cars, Green Toys, $25
Everything from Green Toys is a favorite, but this ferry boat caught my eye. Josh and I joke that Everett loves to line up his cars so much that he’ll likely be that guy who waves the cars onto the ferry boats when he gets older. You know what I mean, right?

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7 thoughts on “bellingFAM Holiday Gift Guide {2014}: For the boys

  1. Cassi

    Great ideas! The ferry boat has been a big hit in and out of the tub at our house. And I would love to get the campfire set for my kids.


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