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Bellingham Bucket List #24: The Lynden Fair

Lynden Fair

Who else has kids with a Lynden Fair hangover?

We had such a great time at the Fair this year, even despite the rain, and mud. Last year, we’d just moved to town, so we weren’t up to going, but I’m so glad that we’ve added this back to our summer traditions in Bellingham!

Every year is such a difference experience, especially as our kids get older. It won’t be long before Janie is off with her friends, exploring the Fair on her own, so I’m soaking up these years together, while I still can.

Can’t wait to hear your favorites…

10 Favorites from the Lynden Fair

1. Mini donuts: This is the first thing on our list. Always. And, we get them as soon as we get in the gates. Everyone got their own bag this year, because, really, Josh and I didn’t want to share. Yum.

2. Baby pigs: Watching those cute little baby pigs fighting with each other was pretty much the best thing ever. I was tempted to YouTube it. That’s how insanely cute it was.

3. Watching Meg freak out about the horses: She was giddy with excitement about seeing the horses. We hardly had a heart to tell her that the one she fell in love with was actually a donkey.

4. People eat those huge turkey legs: In the rain. With a hood on. I mean, it must take a full hour to finish that thing, right?

5. Running into old friends: So many great run-ins at the Fair this year and so many faces that I spotted from afar that made me smile. It was also fun to spot a lot of kiddos of friends… who are now old enough to roam the Fair by themselves. Yikes. I remember doing that. Wasn’t it just yesterday?

6. Avoiding the rides: My kids haven’t caught on to the fact that there are rides at the Fair. I mean, they see the big ones, in the distance, but they haven’t been to the spot with the kiddie rides. And, that makes me insanely happy. Think I can get away with it for one more year?

7.  Swooning over the tractors: I mean, I had no idea I wanted a tractor so badly until I saw how shiny and pretty they are. Do people actually buy tractors at the Fair? Tell me. Ditto with hot tubs.

8. The sweet volunteers: Everyone helping at the Fair is just so darn sweet. I love that it’s a community event… and it feels like it.

9. The demos: I was this close to buying that shower cleaner that only costs 10 cents a bottle to make. Did you see that stuff? My kids were obsessed with the booth with all of the stuffies — Meg came home with a pink dolphin and Ev with a very creepy bunny.

10. The little animal barns: I think my absolute favorite barns are the ones with the bunnies and chickens. I could spend all day giggling at the bunnies with the big, fluffy ears and trying to figure out why that one chicken got first place.

What was your favorite part of the Fair this year?

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Weekend plans: Back2Bellingham at WWU

Back2Bellingham Image

image via Back2Bellingham

If you don’t have kids who are racing in the Junior Ski to Sea race this weekend, put Back2Bellingham on your calendar!

Oddly enough, despite not being Western alumni, I’d heard about this event when we lived in Seattle. There was a huge billboard near our home and I giggled every time I drove by it, imaging all of these people flocking to Bellingham for the weekend. I didn’t realize that it was a WWU event at the time… I just thought it was some awesome marketing for all of the Bellingham kids, turned Seattlites, begging them to make the inevitable trek back home. (Likely sponsored by all of their mothers.)

Back2Bellingham, which is this weekend, May 16-18, 2014, is actually an alumni reunion weekend at Western. However, you don’t have to be an alum to attend… they won’t quiz you on your Western knowledge to gain entrance. I promise.

We’ll be attending on Saturday to check out all of the super fun kid-friendly events (bouncy houses! zip line through campus! food! music! stuff that will wear our kids out so that they’ll go to bed early!), despite not being alumni ourselves. We do have a close tie to the university and look forward to exploring what’s sure to be a cool community event.

You can read more about Back2Bellingham on their website.
There is a full list dedicated to all of the kid-friendly events as well.

Tickets are required and can be purchased in advance online. Click the big green REGISTER NOW button. Adults are $13 each and kids are FREE. (hooray!)

Remember to check out our favorite spots to visit on the Western Washington University Campus on the Bellingham Bucket List. We’ll be sure to do a full post about Back2Bellingham weekend next week, so that you can add it to your own Bellingham to-do list for next year!

Have you been to Back2Bellingham weekend at WWU? Tell us about it!
Are you going this year?