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Let’s talk about coconut oil

Coconut Oil

Confession: I’m a coconut oil virgin.

They sent me this huge jar of coconut oil for work and beyond scooping a tiny bit out to rub on my elbows, I haven’t been brave enough to do anything with it.

I know that y’all are doing everything under the sun with this stuff, from curing diaper rash to adding it to your coffee, but I need HELP and I’m pretty sure (I hope) that I’m not the only one who is just jumping onto the coconut train.

What do you use coconut oil for at home and in the kitchen? I need specifics! If you put it in your coffee, how much do you use? Does it melt? What about when you cook? Do you use it just like you would olive oil? What is your favorite beauty use? Do you ever put it on your hair?

I want to hear it all. Educate me, coco-nutty friends!

The coconut oil was sent to me by the non-profit organization Fair Trade USA via Klout.
All coconut-related opinions are my own.