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The best Seahawks gear from Etsy

Seahawks Gear Etsy

The official Seahawks season kicks off a week from tonight on Thursday, September 4, and I’m already thinking ahead to how we’re going to show our team spirit this year.

(Side note: Can we discuss how we have a family fantasy league this year and I have my OWN TEAM? And, how I have the Seahawks defense? Hello. I totally ruined Josh’s life by snagging them before he did!)

Here are some of my favorites from Etsy… there’s still time to order before kick-off next week!

Top row:
Seahawks-Themed Volkswagon Bus Mailbox, The Bus Box, $169
Obviously, this is amazing. I just sent this to Josh, because we need a new mailbox and I’m feeling so tempted to order it. Even at that price.

Middle row:
Seattle Seahawks Ribbon By-the-Yard, KC Elastic Ties, $0.85 per yard
My girls would love this ribbon and I would also stash some to tie on hostess gifts for games at friends’ homes or for tying in Janie and Meg’s hair for game days at school.

Seahawks Infinity Chevron Loop Scrarf, Creations by Terra, $20
A fun way to add a little Seahawks spirit to an outfit without going crazy… or if you can’t be decked out in gear at work.

Seattle Seahawks Coffee Mug, Courtney 2K Designs, $18
Two Seattle faves in one mug! Love the Starbucks/Seahawks combination and these would be perfect for those 10 a.m. games this fall and winter. Because, coffee.

12th Man Decal, Cosine Designs, $2
These are cool and simple and made of vinyl, so you can use them pretty much anywhere, from your laptop to your car window.

Bottom row:
Russell Wilson Seahawks Shirt, duce TWO, $15+
Etsy is a great place to get Seahawks shirts for a much more reasonable price than in stores. Plus, you won’t be wearing the same shirt as everyone in the state. Love this Russell Wilson version.

Vintage Seahawks Logo Shirt, Shirt Man Dude, $12
Loving the vintage feel of this shirt and it looks super-soft, too, doesn’t it?

12th Man Seahawks Shirt, Printed Onion, $20
A super fun way to show that 12th man spirit. They have a ton of other Seahawks shirts in this Etsy store, too, so be sure to browse before you buy!


The House on Fremont Street: Washi tape decisions

Office Space

We have this big, blank wall in our little office space in our house, which sits in the living room. It’s not big and Josh is the one who mainly uses it, as that desk is a little high for me and I usually set up camp with my laptop somewhere else in the house. Down the road, I have dreams of something like this for our office space, where the kids can sit to do homework and where I can have a more permanent work space, but until then, this works for us and it’s pretty low on the priority list for The House on Fremont Street.

I still can’t find the picture that inspired me, but when we first moved in, I saw a wall, somewhere (Pinterest? Instagram?) where they’d simply used washi tape to hang their printed Instagram ¬†pictures on the wall. It was easy, but cool and I loved that I could keep adding Instagram pictures as I took them, and/or change them out as new favorites popped up.

Instagram Photos- Pictures

So, I printed some Instagram pictures from my account… and then they sat there. For a couple of months.


Instagram Photos- Washi

I’ve been having a hard time deciding on which washi tape I should use to hang them. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a couple from Etsy (the navy and the gold, both from Beve by Lauren Fish), but I’m still on the fence about how I feel. Maybe the pattern isn’t bold enough?

Instagram Photos- On Wall

Which one do you prefer? The gold? Or the navy? Or, should I try to find something new? Maybe a black and white stripe? Or a glittery gold? (Life is SO HARD sometimes.)

I’ll be sure to update you when we’ve hung them on the wall. It’s going to take some measuring and some straight line action, which means I’ll need Josh’s help. Obviously. I can’t see a straight line if it smacked me in the face.

 The House on Fremont Street