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Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day weekend

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of you sweet moms! I hope you feel loved and appreciated this weekend…

I just came from the Mother’s Breakfast at Everett’s preschool and apparently I have a knack for farming. Nothing like seeing yourself through your 4-year-old’s eyes for a little self-reflection, right?

Here’s what happened on bellingFAM this week:

// We had a huge discussion on Facebook about the top 17 selling items at Trader Joe’s. I added some new to-buy items to my list for next week after hearing what you love to buy!

// Construction started at our house and, I’m grateful to say, that it’s almost done.

// My first Stitch Fix box arrived and I shared what I sent back and what I kept.

// And, after seeing how popular the review was, I added a giveaway for a $25 Stitch Fix gift card. It’s still going!

// Everett’s room was revealed, including his feature herringbone wall. Thanks for all of the positive feedback… I’m glad you think it’s as cool as we do!

(see you next week! come say hey on instagram over the weekend! xoxo.)


The House on Fremont Street: Everett’s room


Everett's Room

It’s impossible to photograph Everett’s little room in one shot, so here it is in bits and pieces.

Can we take a moment for the wall, please? (tutorial later. when i’m feeling less traumatized. scratch that. when josh is feeling less traumatized. ditto for the paneled ceilings. we haven’t even discussed those yet!)

Everett's Room

Everett’s room is nearly done, despite a few finishing touches and things that we’ll do further down the road, like painting the inside of his closet and creating better storage in there and upgrading the blinds. I’ve been playing with the idea of adding a cover to his duvet, maybe this one from Pottery Barn Kids, but I’m still on the fence. I don’t want his room to feel too heavy or over-designed. The curtains are even pushing it, in my opinion.

Everett's Room

See that little Seahawks helmet lamp? It was Josh’s when he was a kid. Talk about being a lifelong fan. I’m on the hunt for a new shade…

We didn’t have a place for that Seattle map in the rest of the house, so we hung it in here. I think it gives a nice pop of color to his room. I want to cover that wall with all Seattle/Washington/Northwest-inspired art work for a little gallery. I’ve been pinning some ideas here.

The best part about his room is that we pretty much already had everything we needed. I did add that tiered basket for his trucks. It’s the Ladder Storage Basket from Urban Outfitters (currently on sale for $59) and it gives a nice industrial touch to his room, while also giving us an easy spot to toss the random trucks and cars we find around the house.

Everett's Room

A closeup of the wall. The insanely perfect wall. I kind of want to hug it. The mug and wooden letter are both from Anthropologie. They still carry the Monogram Mug ($8), in case you can’t live without one of your own.

The House on Fremont Street

Herringbone Wall Part 1

The House on Fremont Street: An {imperfect} DIY herringbone wall in Everett’s room {part 1}

A long, long time ago, before The House on Fremont Street was even a thought, I pinned this picture on Pinterest. I loved the entire nursery, which actually originated from the gorgeous, to-die-for blog, At Home At Home.

Fast forward nearly a year. We’re in our new home, trying to add some customized elements to make our otherwise plain jane house into a home that we adore. I don’t think that I would ever brave painting a true chevron pattern on the wall, as trying to make all of those zigs and zags align perfectly (they’d have to. HAVE TO.) makes me want to cry, but this imperfect version of a herringbone pattern seemed doable. Even for this paint-hating DIYer.

I promise to include a full step-by-step guide in the next post, but we’re only halfway through and I hit a bump in the road along the way, so let’s talk about that first, shall we?


We used FrogTape Delicate Surface (since we had just painted the wall with a fresh coat of white paint), which is pretty much the best thing ever. It’s so soft and easy to put on the wall. Note that we used the wider tape, giving us almost 2-inches of coverage for every white line.

Herringbone Wall

Josh was in charge of the first step: getting the vertical lines perfectly spaced and perfectly straight. He’s good at things like that. I’m not. This is why we’ve been married for nearly 12 years.

Herringbone Wall

Now my work began. I started in the center of the wall, taping off two of the first herringbone lines about mid-way up the wall. I didn’t want them to perfectly connect, but I did want their angles to be similar, which I just eye-balled.

Herringbone Wall

Then, I started tape off of my first piece in one section. I didn’t want each section, which will be painted blue, to be the same size, so I just taped my heart out, adding new lines until I had filled up the entire section.

Herringbone Wall

This was the result. When I stood back, I wasn’t as excited as I should be. When I compared it to my inspiration picture, I realized that I had added far too many lines.

Herringbone Wall

Instead of starting over, I went with a new strategy for the adjacent section, starting with taping three pieces: one that was in the middle, then one above and one below, giving me three equal-ish sections. Once those looked good (it was tricky to get their angles right!), I added two lines of tape below and above each of the three main tape lines.

Herringbone Wall

Once that side was taped, I went back to the first section and removed about half of the tape that I had applied originally. I just did some random picking and choosing, being careful to step back away from the wall, to check on the progress as I removed each line.

In the end, I love that the section on the left is a little more structured, while the section on the right has some skinnier and thicker bands. I think they’re a good balance for each other… at least until we get started on the outer sections!

We’re going to finish taping tonight and maybe I can convince Josh to start painting for me too… Stay tuned for a full reveal and step-by-step instructions (minus the ones we wasted time on!) next week!


The House on Fremont Street