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Hello, weekend!

Hello, weekend!

There have been a lot of things and people weighing heavily on my mind and on my heart this week. Just life, you know. It’s a crazy ride sometimes, isn’t it? And, in the midst of it all, talking about things like shoes and clothes and such seems insignificant. Sigh…

Okay, deep breaths. Let’s get on to the weekend, shall we?

We’re attending a fun fundraiser tonight (at the new Buffalo Hot Wings restaurant that opens in Bellingham next week!) and have pumpkin carving plans on Saturday… Sounds like it will be a stormy weekend in Bellingham, which is just what the doctor ordered!

What are you doing this weekend?

Here’s what’s been happening on bellingFAM the past few weeks:

  • I shared a few books I’ve been reading on my fall reading list. Trying to get through Tell the Wolves I’m Home right now, but feeling super bogged down. Have you read it?
  • The coat closet makeover on The House on Fremont Street is finally done… and we’re still loving it… minus the stink of my kids’ shoes!
  • Speaking of The House on Fremont Street, we chatted about inexpensive floor lamps. And why they’re so ugly.
  • Do you watch Scandal? I shared my thoughts on the season premiere, which was pretty much crazy town… and has continued to be just as crazy. Can’t say this season is my favorite… yet.
  • Our family grew my two family members earlier this month. Meow, meow.
  • This giveaway and these dresses from City Kid Style were a huge hit.
  • Over the summer, I traded in my gas guzzler for a week with the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Here’s why I’d go hybrid, in a heartbeat.
  • I finally got around to posting about my third box from Stitch Fix, which was my favorite so far. Stay tuned for a review of my fifth delivery next week!
  • This post on Fall 2014 TV shows was a huge, unexpected hit, which made me so excited. I didn’t realize I had so many closet TV watchers… and I love it.
  • A quick update on our washi tape Instagram photo wall.
  • We launched a new series this week, What Katie Loves, which will be posted every Monday.
  • Last, but not least, my breakup with tall rain boots and some of my favorite short rain boots.

And, here’s what I’ve been working on when I wasn’t here:

Thank you for spending time on bellingFAM. xxoo.


Hello, weekend!

Morning Routine

 we talked about our new found morning routine on instagram.

Hello, weekend!

Well, that was quite a busy little week, wasn’t it? I think I can say, with all certainty, that we’re settled into the school routine, which means that by Friday, we’re all craving some time to chill out. We don’t have many plans this weekend, other than the back-to-school dinner at the girls’ school tonight and a ton of catch-up housework and work work. I still feel like I’m recovering my life from being in Las Vegas last week!

Here’s what happened on bellingFAM the past few weeks:

Thanks for spending time on bellingFAM! xxoo.

Hello, weekend!

Lake Padden

 headless photo by everett. close enough.

Can anyone tell me where this week went? Please? Because I have no idea.

But, who cares! It’s the weekend… almost.

What do you have planned? We’re tackling some pre-fall projects this weekend, including scrubbing the outside of our house. Like, with soap and water. Is that weird? Do you wash your house, too?

Here’s what happened on bellingFAM this week:

What I was working on when I wasn’t here:

Thanks for spending time on bellingFAM! xxoo.

Hello, weekend!

Goose at the Lynden Fair

Can I confess that I get a lot done during these pre-season games? It’s sort of like getting a babysitter for my husband. Also, we put the kids to bed before 7:30 tonight. Thank you, Lynden Fair. They were exhausted today.

We’re doing some catch-up this weekend, around our poor, neglected, semi-overgrown lawn and in the house. Oh, how I need to vacuum and clean the bathrooms.

The countdown until school starts in on and I’m hoping to have a fun couple of weeks with the kids, especially after two very busy weeks at work. Let’s just say there was a lot of extra screen time this past week. Good news… they survived.

Here’s what happened on bellingFAM this week:

  • We wrapped up the #bellingFAM July Photo Challenge on Instagram and announced the giveaway winner for the $20 gift card to Prinstagram. My favorite pictures of the month are still to come…
  • There was a little sneak peek of our week in Seattle. We had the best time… but we’re glad to be back in Bellingham, which certain feels like home now.
  • The most popular post of the week was when I shared 10 things I say to my kids at Trader Joe’s. Um, this went crazy and y’all were cracking me up at the things you say to your kids at Trader Joe’s. Maybe we should all go at the same time. That would be fun. (And make me feel a litle less crazy.)
  • A handful of summer book recommendations for the readers. I just started Goodnight June by Sarah Jio tonight. I’m already hooked.
  • I needed your help deciding which washi tape to use to hang some Instagram pictures on the wall in our office and right now, it’s a tie between the navy and finding something else. Spoiler alert: I hung them all up with the gold washi tape and it does, in fact, look like masking tape, like many of you predicted. Back to the drawing board!
  • On Facebook, we’re still just a couple of people away from 1300 Likers. The 1300th person, and the person who shared bellingFAM with them, gets a little something in the mail from me, so if you’re so inclined (and if you like getting mail!), go share it.

And, other things I wrote this week when I wasn’t here:

Thank you for spending time on bellingFAM!