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Katie Loves This: Edition 4

Hello, there. Happy it’s-really-cold-out Monday! The weekend whizzed by, didn’t it? We were busy and recovering from colds and headed into a week that will make me BEG for Friday. Let’s get it started out with some favorites from the past week… What are you loving right now?

Katie Loves This

I’m still mad at coco+kelley for making me like things from Chico’s. It’s so confusing. Because, this blouse. And, this vest. And, ohmygodstopit.

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to hair and with a cut and color on the horizon (much-needed, let me tell you!), I have this picture on my mind. What do you think? Too much? Not so short, for sure, but blunt and uber-bright… (Picture originally from & so it goes…)

Speaking of Pinterest, if you’re on there, you’ve probably been re-pinning all of these yummy, pretty recipe pins from Damn Delicious. I finally took the time to check it out from my computer, rather than my phone, and it’s sooo good. Dinner ideas galore!

In things that have surprised me this week news, I’m obsessed with Katherine Heigl’s Instagram account.  I know that everyone says she’s a total bitch, but I think she looks like a lot of fun. And, like a great mama.

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The House on Fremont Street: Washi tape Instagram photo wall

Remember when I forced you to choose a washi tape for us to use on our office’s Instagram photo wall?

Washi Tape Instagram Photo Wall

Well, you didn’t like either of the choices — gold or navy — but I was too anxious to get the photos on the wall, so I grabbed the gold tape and went to work, thinking that I could easily switch it out when I finally decided on something better… But, we all know how this story ends, don’t we?

All of these weeks later, it’s still up, with the gold washi tape, and I love it.

Washi Tape Instagram Photo Wall

Washi Tape Photo Wall

Instagram Photo Wall

I need to order more photos to fill that entire section of the wall, from the ceiling to the bottom row of photos, which is short a few. The spacing is less than perfect and the photos aren’t all straight as arrows, but, it doesn’t bother me a bit. (Maybe it bothers Josh a little. It’s hard to turn that engineering brain off sometimes.)

The washi tape is holding pretty well on the painted wall. I do go over it from time-to-time and rub my thumb over the tape to keep it secure. I don’t think it will hold forever, but maybe we’ll be ready to switch up the pictures by then anyways.

The House on Fremont Street Office

As you can see, we still have some work to do on that office wall. I have a few more family photos to add and I’d love to add some graphic artwork, too (maybe like this Pinterest inspiration?).  I’m still dreaming of a long desk space that runs along the entire wall, with room for both Josh and I to have work space, as well as a spot for the girls to sit and work on homework, but, for now, this works well enough.

Did I convince you that the gold washi tape looks okay against the navy wall? Or are you hating me for it? Be honest. I can take it.

The House on Fremont Street Widget

The House on Fremont Street: Washi tape decisions

Office Space

We have this big, blank wall in our little office space in our house, which sits in the living room. It’s not big and Josh is the one who mainly uses it, as that desk is a little high for me and I usually set up camp with my laptop somewhere else in the house. Down the road, I have dreams of something like this for our office space, where the kids can sit to do homework and where I can have a more permanent work space, but until then, this works for us and it’s pretty low on the priority list for The House on Fremont Street.

I still can’t find the picture that inspired me, but when we first moved in, I saw a wall, somewhere (Pinterest? Instagram?) where they’d simply used washi tape to hang their printed Instagram  pictures on the wall. It was easy, but cool and I loved that I could keep adding Instagram pictures as I took them, and/or change them out as new favorites popped up.

Instagram Photos- Pictures

So, I printed some Instagram pictures from my account… and then they sat there. For a couple of months.


Instagram Photos- Washi

I’ve been having a hard time deciding on which washi tape I should use to hang them. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a couple from Etsy (the navy and the gold, both from Beve by Lauren Fish), but I’m still on the fence about how I feel. Maybe the pattern isn’t bold enough?

Instagram Photos- On Wall

Which one do you prefer? The gold? Or the navy? Or, should I try to find something new? Maybe a black and white stripe? Or a glittery gold? (Life is SO HARD sometimes.)

I’ll be sure to update you when we’ve hung them on the wall. It’s going to take some measuring and some straight line action, which means I’ll need Josh’s help. Obviously. I can’t see a straight line if it smacked me in the face.

 The House on Fremont Street

July photo challenge on Instagram (Giveaway)

July Photo Challenge

In an attempt to take more pictures, because I’ve been a slacker lately, I made a little Instagram photo challenge for July.

I’ve done a few of these before and not only did they inspire me to take more creative, thoughtful pictures, but it helped me see my everyday life in a new way. Plus, having all of the pictures I took during those months was so valuable.

This is super easy… and fun. If you’re on Instagram, repost the picture of the prompts (there’s a picture of them on my Instagram account) and then get started tomorrow, posting a picture for the first prompt and including #bellingFAM and tagging me, if you’d like. I usually also use the prompt of the day on my pictures, or hashtag it, for example, for the 1st, I’d do #morning.

I have no idea if some of you will follow along, but (NEW RULES!) for each day you participate, you’ll get an entry into the giveaway drawing at the end of the month. To be entered, you must follow bellingFAM on Instagram and you must tag #bellingFAM in your pictures. One winner will win $20 to Printstagram, where they can print their pretty Instagram photos. I love their 4×4 square photos, but they also have cute magnets, photo books, and even posters.

If you’re a private Instagram user and would prefer to stay that way, there’s an option for you to show me your photos at the end of the month. We can chat about that later.

Happy clicking!

Psst! Giveaway provided by bellingFAM.

10 Tips for buying on Instagram

Have you ever bought something from Instagram?

Obviously Instagram wasn’t intended as a marketplace (and I’m kind of surprised they let people sell items on there, honestly. laws and all.), but it’s become one of my favorite places to shop.

I’ve bought a few things from Instagram over the past year or so, mostly clothes and shoes, for me and for the kids, as well as a few things from auctions that benefit causes (families raising money for their adoptions and such). For the most part, it’s been a success and I’ve been very pleased with the entire thing, from start to finish. I have had a couple things go wrong, mainly when I’m buying through an Instagram account, but the item is being sent or donated by a third party, with no real accountability to send you the item.

A couple weeks ago, I snagged those cute studded flats (below) from Oliver Littles Shop and I can’t stop wearing them. I just happened upon her shop as I was doing my post-bedtime Instagram scrolling and was giddy to snag them for myself!

Some Instagram shops that I keep in my feed:

Tips for Buying on Instagram

10 Tips for buying on Instagram

1. Some Instagrammers have separate shop accounts: Most people who sell on Instagram use an Instagram account that is separate from their main account. Keep an eye out on your favorite feeds for shop and sale announcements.

2. Have your PayPal email address ready: If you’re like me, your PayPal email address is different from your main email address. To secure your bid/sale on Instagram, you’ll need to list the PayPal email address where you want the seller to invoice you. No PayPal account? Most sellers can simply send you an invoice via email, which you can pay using your credit card.

3. Be quick: Speed is the name of the game when it comes to getting an item you want on Instagram. Leave your email address and leave it quick! Many shops announce when they’ll start listing items, so that you can watch for new goodies.

4. Is it an auction or first email gets it? Most Instagram sales are first-come-first-served. However, some are auctions, where you can bid up an item in increments for a specific amount of time. Make sure you read the details from the seller before you start shopping/bidding, which are usually on their Instagram profile (at the top) or in a separate Instagram photo at the top of their feed.

5. Second is the best: Often, a sale falls through or a buyer doesn’t pay. If you didn’t get an item you want, try leaving your email address with a note that says something along the lines of “If she doesn’t want it…” It provides a nice backup plan for both the buyer and the seller.

6. It’s not a perfect system: Remember that this is not eBay and it’s not a perfect system. And, that sellers and other buyers are people. Be kind and realize that two bids may come in at the same time. It happens. Be gracious.

7. Pay ASAP: Most sellers invoice within 24-hours for your items. Be sure to pay ASAP, typically in less than 24-hours, unless otherwise requested by the seller. If you don’t, she might move on to the next person in line! And, if you don’t see an invoice come through your email/PayPal account, leave her a little note on the Instagram photo of the item you won, to give her a heads up.

8. Keep an eye out: Make sure your item actually, um, arrives! Shipping problems do occur from time-to-time.

9. Be okay with no return policies: Most Instagram sellers will have a “no returns” policy. If for some reason an item arrives and it’s grossly different from what they listed (a different size or a huge stain that they didn’t disclose, perhaps), get in touch with them via email, rather than blasting the on Instagram.

10. Say thanks: When your item arrives and you adore it, let them know! Leave a note on their Instagram account on the picture of the item you bought (if it’s still up) or on their shop notes. An email with your thanks is always nice, too.

I’ve seriously considered opening a little Instagram account to sell our gently used shoes (oh, how they’re piling up around here! and in a house with not so much closet space for shoes!), but I have sellers anxiety… Let’s save that for a post for another day!

Come say hello on the bellingFAM Instagram account. I often repost sales and shops there and share my favorites to follow.

Have you ever bought/sold anything on Instagram?
Any favorite shops that you follow?

DIY Daily Memory Box

Make this: Daily memory box

I had pinned this a few months ago on Pinterest (you can see the pin here) and once I finally clicked through to the original post, I realized that it was from Seattle-based Modern Parents Messy Kids, a site that I love.

Keeping track of those little moments, when you’re a family, is priceless and although I’ve tried many, many, MANY methods in the past, I’ve never found one that stuck. I love this box because it literally takes less than a minute to scribble down a memory, a funny quote or an exciting announcement from our day on the card. Having the predated cards keeps me accountable to not skip a day and I keep the box with the cards on my dresser, where I see it before I go to bed each night as a reminder to jot something down.

Lastly, I love that this moves from year-to-year with our family. I can’t wait to get a full-year into writing down these daily memories and look back to see what we were doing last year as a family.

DIY Daily Memory Box

To make my modified version, here’s what I bought:

  • 1 Pack of 4×6-inch lined index cards from Target
  • A few more rolls of washi tape from Target. In Bellingham, they’re along the side wall, by the stationary. You can get by with just one roll, if you’re on a budget.
  • 1 Ultra fine-tipped Sharpie. I live by these and it works well to write on the washi tape. I bought a pack of four at Target, but you just need one.
  • 1 4×6 plain wood box from Micheal’s. These were in the far back left-hand corner of the store. This one cost about $5.

The total cost was less than $15.

Once you have everything you need, assembly is pretty quick.

Here’s how I made my Daily Memory Box:
As inspired by the DIY Memory Box from Modern Parents Messy Kids

DIY Daily Memory Box

One: Apply the washi tape to the index cards.
There is a bit of a learning curve with the application, but once you get going, it won’t take long. I rotated through my different washis, putting a strip that was long enough on each card for me to write the date. I also tried hard to get the washi on the same spot on the card. (True confessions: I have crafting OCD. I can’t help it.)

Two: Write the dates on the cards.
This is where that heavenly Sharpie comes in handy. It doesn’t matter that you’re not starting at the beginning of the year, because you’ll build on the memories as the years go by. Remember: Only write the date, not the year, on your washi. For example: Write March 20, not March 20, 2014.

DIY Daily Memory Box

Three: Decorate the box.
I used the same washi tapes that I used on the cards to decorate mine and I chose not to decorate the whole thing… yet. I think it will be fun to add a bit each year. You could also easily paint your box or have your kids paint or decorate it. Go crazy!

Four: Get the cards in the box.
I have today’s card on the front of the stack, then I’ll rotate it to the back of the box after I write today’s memory. The inside of the box is a bit rough and I may eventually paint the interior to make it smoother… and cuter.

DIY Daily Memory Box

Five: Start making and writing down those memories.
So far, the memories I’m writing on the cards are all over the place. Some are funny things that the kids have said (Meg: “It’s snowing! I think we should get donuts to celebrate!”). Some are exciting memories for our family that I want to remember, for the future (Janie’s first day of soccer practice). But, most are just little notes about what we did that day (Went to the movies with some of our fave neighbors) or tiny snippets about life in our family (Snow day… again.) Once you get going, you’ll get in your own groove for what works for your own memory-keeping style.

As you can see on the post from Modern Parents Messy Kids, they also incorporated daily pictures, which they printed on that super cool printer (hello. i want that thing!) and stuck them on the back of each card. That’s so smart! As an alternative, I’m going to print some small sticker photos from Printstagram, which uses your Instagram photos. At $10 for 252 photo stickers, it’s a budget-friendly option, although it the tricky part will be figuring out which photos go with which dates!

What do you use to keep memories for your family? Do you scrapbook? Blog? Journal?