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Our favorite picks from the TOMS for Target collection

Have you heard about the TOMS for Target collection that launched on Sunday? I’ve been excited to see what they would come up with and while I’m not head-over-heels with the entire collection, there were certainly some stand-out favorites. Stay tuned for an update as I head to the Bellingham Target to see what they have in stock…

TOMS for Target

For the moms:
TOMS for Target Knit Infinity Scarf, $20 (In stores only)
TOMS for Target Glass Double Wall Hot and Cold Beverage Bottle, $15 (Online & in stores)
TOMS for Target Jar Candle with Wood Box, $15 (In stores only)
TOMS for Target Women’s Crewneck Sweater, $32 (In stores only)
TOMS for Target Simple is Beautiful Zippered Clutch, $20 (Online & in stores)
TOMS for Target 3-Bracelet Set, $15 (In stores only)

For the boys:
TOMS for Target Toddler Boy’s Shoes, $32 (Online only)
TOMS for Target Boy’s Knit Beanie, $10 (Online & in stores)

For the girls:
TOMS for Target Girl’s Knit Flip Top Gloves, $12 (In stores only)
TOMS for Target Girl’s Full Zip Hoodie, $22 (Online & in stores)

Have you spotted the TOMS for Target collection at your Target?
What did you think?


Kid style: Custom dresses from City Kid Style (Giveaway)

City Kid Style

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Today is Meg’s seventh birthday, so we’re sharing one of her favorite things (and hosting a giveaway!) to celebrate!

We’re so excited to introduce you to City Kid Style. Based in Seattle, we’ve been lucky enough to watch this clothing line grow from its beginnings into the super-cool brand that it is now. City Kid Style is the creation of mom, Claudia, who started the collection from of a desire to make  soft, unique dresses for her own city kid. But, as she spent more time with her sewing machine, Claudia found her groove, focusing on creations that are mostly one-of-a-kind, using thrifted materials and custom screen prints.

City Kid Style

While we’re pretty much head-over-heels with all of the City Kid Style designs, this Seahawks dress takes the cake. When this dress arrived from City Kid Style, Josh even commented that it is “Soooo Meg” and, it is. Each dress is filled with patterns and colors and the softness that only a favorite dress can bring. These dresses are made for play and exploring and comfort and adventures and for living life as a city kid to the fullest, just like our Meg loves to do.

City Kid Style


While each City Kid Style dress is certainly custom, they look anything but handmade. I guarantee you that these dresses — and everything you’ll find on City Kid Style — is insanely well made. Every stitch, every label, every print is gorgeous, professional and perfect. But, despite all of that, you can tell that it’s made with a lot of love and consideration for what girls like to wear. And, we love that.

City Kid Style

Please note that while some styles on the City Kid Style website may be sold out, it’s likely that they can make you a similar dress. Feel free to contact City Kid Style for details! Their dresses start at size 2/3 and Meg is wearing a size 8/9 for your reference. She’s a pretty tall seven year old and it fits her perfectly, with room to grow and add leggings, as it gets a bit shorter.

City Kid Style


My older kiddo, who is too cool to wear anything that isn’t monochromatic (see this for reference), loves the City Kid Style Neck Warmers, which are great for throwing on when you are 10-years-old and in 4th grade and refuse to wear a coat to school, no matter how many times your mother asks you.

We’re super excited to host this giveaway from City Kid Style. One winner will get to choose the dress of their choice from City Kid Style — either one that is in stock online, or a custom version of any of the sold out versions. We just know you’ll fall in love with City Kid Style, just like we have!


To enter to win a CITY KID STYLE DRESS OF YOUR CHOICE, please click the Rafflecopter link below:

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Giveaway Button

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Giveaway provided by City Kid Style.
A dress was provided for review.
No other compensation was provided for this post.
All opinions are our own.

Kid style: Back-to-school with Meg

Meg Style

Meg has always, always, always had her own style. She isn’t one to succumb to trends (and yes, even in 1st grade, there are trends!) and her bright spirit and personality shines through in her clothing choices… more than any other kiddo we have at home. She knows what she likes and she goes for it… pattern mixing and styling be damned.

Back to school style

// Both from GAP: Knit Schoolgirl Jumper ($18 on sale) & Slub Scoop Tee ($10 on sale) //

There was a time, a couple of years ago, when Meg would only wear boy clothes. Batman shirts. Black cozy pants. Brown Converse. (Which all live in Everett’s closest now!) But, slowly, as her closest filled up with hand-me-down dresses from Janie’s wardrobe, Meg began to dress “like a girl” again and she’s taken the role quite seriously since. There’s always pink. There’s always pattern. There’s often an animal print somewhere. The girl has style… there’s no doubt about it.

Ugg Boots for Kids

// From OnlineShoes.com: UGG Australia K Pepper Booties ($75) //

To be honest, I don’t buy her many clothes, if any. The hand-me-downs from Janie usually fill her closet to the brim and, at any given time, she has more clothes than any of the other kids. But, for back-to-school, she picked out a few new outfits to freshen things up.

Striped GAP Dress

// From GAP: Rubgy Slub Dress ($20 on sale) //

She picked all dresses for her back-to-school clothes, and while it was too hot to wear them on the day we took pictures, she also grabbed super-soft tights to go with each dress. Meg prefers tights over leggings so that she doesn’t have to wear socks with her shoes…

Back to school style from GAP

 // From GAP: Floral Hi-Lo Dress ($35) //
// Everett’s shirt from kate&jAMES: Don’t Give Up the Ship Tee ($24) //

I think that this is my favorite dress in from her back-to-school picks. It’s lightly floral, with a sweet little tie around the tummy. It feels so old fashioned and classic, but when paired with navy cotton tights with silver stripes and her UGG booties, it’s so very Meg.

What did your kids pick for back-to-school?

Kid style: New local clothing line, kate and jAMES (Giveaway)

kateandjames dont give up the ship

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To be honest, I fell in love with kate&jAMES before I even knew it was a Bellingham brand. But then, oh my, then, I really went head-over-heels and did some major Instagram stalking until they agreed to become best friends. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. A little. We’ve only had one date.)


Have just launched in early summer, kate&jAMES has found quick success, with its small, perfectly-curated line of graphic tees for kids and onesies for babies. And, surprisingly, most of their orders come from outside of Whatcom County, shipping packages nationwide, with a rapidly growing following of the coolest of cool moms.

Lemons make lemonade

Their popular tee, Lemons Make Lemonade, is selling out as quickly as they can stock it and they’ve even launched pre-sales for a baby sized tee, per the requests of their customers. (See this tee on Savvy Sassy Moms in our Lemonade Stand Style feature, too!)

Don't Give Up the Ship Shirt

My favorite shirt in their line is their Don’t Give Up the Ship tee, which I knew was a must for Everett’s closet. It’s so, so, SO super soft, with that vintage feel that instantly made it Ev’s new fave.


While I adore the designs at kate&jAMES, what I really, really love about their tees is that cute little shoulder logo. I think it’s so sweet when brands do a creative label and I love how it looks on Ev’s little shoulder. (And, how smart of them to have these mini, adorable walking billboards on all of the kids who are sporting their shirts!)

The sweet girls at kate&jAMES want to give one lucky bellingFAM reader a tee and we were happy to host the giveaway! The winner will get to choose from the current selection of tees and onesies at kate&jAMES. (Thanks K&J. xoxo.)

To enter to win a TEE OR ONESIE FROM kate&jAMES, please click the Rafflecopter link below:

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bellingFAM giveaway for kate&jAMES

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Where to find kate&jAMES:

This giveaway provided by kate&jAMES. No other compensation was taken for this post. Well, they did buy my iced tea when we had a meeting, so I suppose that does count. It was delicious. All opinions are my own, as always.

Native Shoes on bellingFAM

Kid style: Native Shoes

Everett needed a new pair of shoes after he completely thrashed his TOMS Botas Boots and we grabbed these Native Shoes while we were out running errands over the weekend. He’s been wearing them nearly 24/7 since, even asking me to take them in the bath yesterday. I think that means he likes them.

We’ve had Natives in the past and Meg still has a pair that started as Janie’s. They are a hip update to Crocs, but with the same functionality. Consider them the super-cool hipster cousin of the Croc, if you will.

If you haven’t had a pair in the past, they do seem to fit pretty true-to-size, although they only come in whole sizes and you’ll want to get them a bit bigger, rather than snug, because it can be hard to get sweaty summer feet in them if they are too small. A little room seems to help and they stay on well, regardless.

Also, the white part around the sole gets scuffed up easily, but also washes easily with a quick dip in the sink. Be warned: Do not put them in the dishwasher or in hot water, as they will shrink! (Learned that lesson the hard way!)

If you live in Bellingham, you can pick them up at REI (they are along the wall, all of the way at the bottom and also available in pink!). You can also grab a pair via Zappos or on the Native Shoes website (they have a larger selection of colors and styles, but shipping will run you about $10). I have my eye on this pair for myself!

Do your kids love Native Shoes too?