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Meet our newest family members

We’ve been thinking a lot about getting a dog since we moved into our new house. but we still need to build a fence in the backyard (a big one… Summer 2015 project, perhaps?) and we’ve been hoping to find a dog to rescue (rather than a puppy), but a kid-friendly rescue dog is hard to come by.

Meg, especially, has been begging for a pet. We’ve thought about bunnies, but they seem very unpredictable. And high-maintenance. Meg’s birthday is tomorrow and we were going to try to surprise her with these girls, but they needed to come home sooner than we thought (and we ALL had to be interviewed first!), so they came as a bit of an early birthday present.

Meet Bella.

New kittens at home

And, Pepper.

Kittens in Bellingham


First of all, let me tell you, it’s next to impossible to get pictures of kittens. They’d better learn, quickly, because obviously I’m going to become one of those people on Instagram who posts pictures of their cats. #TaylorSwift

These kittens came from the Whatcom Humane Society and they’re about two-months old. We hadn’t planned on getting two, but that’s how they are mostly adopted from the Humane Society, since they are raised together in foster homes and they become buddies. They prefer for them to go to homes as pairs and after we thought about it more, we figured that two could be smarter than one. More kittens to go around and they can (hopefully) keep each other company during the day when we’re at work and school. Bella and Pepper aren’t actually sisters, like we originally thought. In fact, we were originally told that Pepper was a boy.

So, here we go. Cat life.

The kids are still warming up to them. But, I’m pleased that the kitties have settled in quickly. They aren’t very shy and they love to snuggle and play. I mean, I don’t even think anyone begged me to watch cartoons this morning. Because, who needs Octonauts when you have KITTENS?