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Reading list: Momstrology (Giveaway)


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Oh, how I wish I was in Seattle this weekend to attend this book signing and event with the AstroTwins, authors of the newly released book, Momstrology: The AstroTwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One By the Stars.

It seems to be the universal string pulling all mothers together — no matter where you live or how you choose to parent, we’re all always searching for the best method to guide little ones through this crazy world. I seem to learn this lesson with our kids over and over again — children change every single day and as they change, what worked yesterday certainly doesn’t work today. And, add in multiple children to the equation, each with their own unique personalities, and parenting can seem quite overwhelming at times. For me, it’s been the most surprising part about being a mom… and the most challenging, too.

I confess that I don’t read a lot of parenting books. Once upon a time, when I was a brand-new mom, I devoured them all. Now, with nearly 10-years of parenting under my belt (wow! how did that happen?), I’ve learned that, for me, the time I spend reading parenting advice is better spent in the trenches of parenting, connecting with my kids.

However, when Momstrology came across my desk for work, I knew that I had to peek through it. It happened to arrive on a super sunny week in Bellingham and I kicked up my feet in the back deck to dig in as the kids romped in the sprinkler to keep cool.

I loved that it’s more like a guidebook, rather than a read-it-from-cover-to-cover book. I know that my reading time comes in bits-and-pieces these days — I can sneak in 10-minute sessions (at the most!) throughout the day and the format of Momstrology lends perfectly to the way that moms read… in between grabbing snacks to keep hungry tummies at bay, while parked in the school pick-up lines, and on those never-ending doctor visit waits.

Another thing I loved about Momstrology? I didn’t need to have a background in astrology before I started reading. Beyond knowing my own sign and occasionally reading my horoscope when the suggestions pops up on Facebook, I know nothing about the stars or how to use them to look at what’s happening in my own life, let alone my kids’.

Momstrology lays it all out for you, from finding out what signs your kids are (I have a Pisces, a Virgo and a Libra) to using your own sign to discover your parenting style, as well as dad’s parenting style. Plus, for each child’s sign, Momstrology outlines everything under the sun, from learning styles to gift ideas to when to try to conceive if you want to have a baby of a certain sign.

This is certainly a book that I’m keeping handy for my many parenting years to come. I’ve already busted out a highlighter and dog-eared the pages that relate to my kids for future reference!Momstrology

If you’re in Seattle this weekend, or anywhere nearby, be sure to attend the Pine & 14th Family Day on Capitol Hill, which is on Saturday, May 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Not only will the AstroTwins be there to sign copies of Momstrology (get a picture with them and send it to me!), but there is a full day planned with kid-friendly events. You can read the details above and click through to the event page. And, if you attend, you get an extra entry to win a copy of Momstrology (Rafflecopter entry below).

To enter to win a copy of MOMSTROLOGY, please click the Rafflecopter link below:

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