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Kid style: Back-to-school with Meg

Meg Style

Meg has always, always, always had her own style. She isn’t one to succumb to trends (and yes, even in 1st grade, there are trends!) and her bright spirit and personality shines through in her clothing choices… more than any other kiddo we have at home. She knows what she likes and she goes for it… pattern mixing and styling be damned.

Back to school style

// Both from GAP: Knit Schoolgirl Jumper ($18 on sale) & Slub Scoop Tee ($10 on sale) //

There was a time, a couple of years ago, when Meg would only wear boy clothes. Batman shirts. Black cozy pants. Brown Converse. (Which all live in Everett’s closest now!) But, slowly, as her closest filled up with hand-me-down dresses from Janie’s wardrobe, Meg began to dress “like a girl” again and she’s taken the role quite seriously since. There’s always pink. There’s always pattern. There’s often an animal print somewhere. The girl has style… there’s no doubt about it.

Ugg Boots for Kids

// From OnlineShoes.com: UGG Australia K Pepper Booties ($75) //

To be honest, I don’t buy her many clothes, if any. The hand-me-downs from Janie usually fill her closet to the brim and, at any given time, she has more clothes than any of the other kids. But, for back-to-school, she picked out a few new outfits to freshen things up.

Striped GAP Dress

// From GAP: Rubgy Slub Dress ($20 on sale) //

She picked all dresses for her back-to-school clothes, and while it was too hot to wear them on the day we took pictures, she also grabbed super-soft tights to go with each dress. Meg prefers tights over leggings so that she doesn’t have to wear socks with her shoes…

Back to school style from GAP

 // From GAP: Floral Hi-Lo Dress ($35) //
// Everett’s shirt from kate&jAMES: Don’t Give Up the Ship Tee ($24) //

I think that this is my favorite dress in from her back-to-school picks. It’s lightly floral, with a sweet little tie around the tummy. It feels so old fashioned and classic, but when paired with navy cotton tights with silver stripes and her UGG booties, it’s so very Meg.

What did your kids pick for back-to-school?

Mom style: Shoes for a trip to Las Vegas

Shoes for Las Vegas

Next month, I’m heading to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo, which in my pretty little work world, is where all of the best brands come together to debut their new products for the coming year. Think strollers, baby carriers, clothes, shoes, bottles, car seats, EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF that relates to having a child.

To say that I’m excited is an understatement. It’s a huge opportunity and while there will hardly be time to lay by the pool with Brody Jenner (whoops, id I say that?), I’m thrilled to be attending and ready to soak it all up like a kid-producing loving sponge.

But, first things first, friends. What am I going to wear?

There will be a lot of walking. A lot of meetings that involve hustling from booth to booth. A lot of standing on my feet. A lot of doing my best to play it cool when I’m really freaking out inside.

As always, I’m starting with shoes, because they bring me comfort. And calm. Here’s what I’m thinking…

For airport travel
Saucony Jazz Original, $55

Shoes for Las Vegas

I own a pair of these exact shoes and they are some of my favorites… especially for travel. They are fun and funky, but also lightweight and easy to wear. I usually wear them with cuffed jeans, a tee and a big scarf for keeping warm on the airplane.

For evening dinners & parties
Gentle Souls Fulham Booties, $250

Shoes for Las Vegas

Hello there, gorgeous. I’ve been needing an excuse to splurge on these and I think my first big work trip qualifies. I’ll be spending my evenings at brand-sponsored parties and dinners and while I’m not expecting to need to break out cocktail attire, these will easily dress up a simple dress. Add some statement jewelry and I’m ready to go. Plus, they’re Gentle Souls, so I’ll be able to wear them all night in this city that never sleeps.

For daytime meetings & walking the floor, boots
SoftWalk Rocklin Ankle Boots, $145

Shoes for Las Vegas

I’ve been very close to buying a pair of ankle boots for fall and nearly pulled the trigger on the Frye ankle boots from this post… but they were out of my size. This pair caught my eye instead. I love the soft, worn-in gray color, which I can wear at the conference with a fun skirt or a pair of black skinnies.

For daytime meetings & walking the floor, flats
Splendid Cannes Loafers, $95

Shoes for Las Vegas

Talk about a must-have. These are new from OnlineShoes.com and from one of my favorite shoe brands, Splendid. Remember these beloved Splendid sandals? I can see that these will be the perfect alternative to booties for walking the booths at the show and meeting with brands. And, I know that I’ll wear them all of the time, post-conference, too.

Any Las Vegas favorites to share?


All shoes featured above are available via OnlineShoes.com. They are one of my favorite Seattle companies and I love working closely with them to feature shoes. Thank you for shopping with the brands that I work with and that support bellingFAM.

Mom style: Ankle boots for fall

Ankle Boots for Fall

Yup, I’m the last one to get ankle boots. It’s such a shame.

I do have these Frye boots that I bought years and years ago, before ankle boots came back into style, but they really go above my ankles, so they are more like low-calf boots. I can’t wear them with jeans, just skirts and dresses, which kind of defeats the whole ankle boot movement, right?

These are my top contenders for ankle boots for fall. All available on OnlineShoes.com, of course. Let’s break them down…

Matisse Dodge, Natural, $167 (currently on sale for $156)

I’m not sure that this color goes well with my skin tone (pink and pale), but I do love it and think it would be great with jeans or with black pants. Love the worn-in look and I’ve had Matisse shoes in the past that have been amazing and well-worth the price. The heel is a bit higher than I’d like for an everyday boot, at 1-1/2 inches.

Kork-Ease Velma, Meteora, $185

These are so pretty and since they’re Kork-Ease, I’m sure they are very comfortable, as well. I love the color, which could be worn with practically anything. These are the dressiest of the four pair and I’m not sure that’s what I’m going for.

Clarks Desert Boots, Beeswax Leather, $110

I’ve had my eye on a pair of these for ages. They are obviously much different from the others, being much for casual, but I think that I’d wear them a lot. And, I’m a clumsy girl, so I like the look of that rubber sole!

Frye Anna Outside Zip Shootie, Camel Antique Soft Vintage, $278

Of course, at this price tag, these are my favorite. I know that spending the money on a pair of Frye are worth it, as they literally last forever, but ouch. Nearly $300? I really love that there is a side-zip on these boots, not just for the easy on/off access, but for the look of being able to leave it half-zipped for a more casual feel with jeans.

Which pair are your favorites?

All products featured above are available via OnlineShoes.com. They are one of my favorite Seattle
companies and I love working closely with them to feature their products. Thank you for shopping with the brands that I work with and that support bellingFAM.

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Mom style: A winter vest in the middle of summer
Mom style: Stitch Fix No. 2
Mom style: All about Birks

Mom style: A winter vest in the middle of summer

The North Face Darella Vest

You know how sometimes, you fall in love with a piece of clothing and you know that you can hardly live without it?

Even if that piece of clothing is a winter vest and it’s the middle of summer and suppose to be 80 degrees out today and you’re sitting in front of an air conditioner while you order it?

Yeah, me too.

I spotted The North Face Darella Vest on OnlineShoes.com a few weeks ago and I’ve resisted the urge to buy her, but I can hardly stand it any longer. I know it’s a ridiculous purchase, considering it’s, um, summer, but isn’t she pretty? And won’t I be happy once temperatures start cooling down for fall? In, oh, two months?

Please tell me I’m not crazy. Do you buy clothes off-season, too? Or, do you love this vest as much as I do? Gosh, the more I type, the more insane I sound.

Let’s take a vote. Buy it now and tuck it away until fall? Or leave it be and hope that it will still be there or that I’ll find something cozy that I love more in a couple of months?

(Psst! Want to order this vest? Or anything else from OnlineShoes.com? Email me for a discount code! bellingFAM@gmail.com)

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Mom style: All about Birks

Father’s Day gift ideas

Fathers Day Collage

Why are dads so hard to shop for? They really are. Well, make that men, in general. Here are a few ideas to kick-start your Father’s Day shopping (reminder: it’s THIS Sunday!). We’ll be celebrating the dads in our life with (hopefully!) some sunshine and BBQing…

1. A summer-worthy sweatshirt

Let’s get real. We live in the Northwest and even though it can be gorgeous and warm in the day, even summer evenings can get a little cool.

Merrell Elsand Full Zip Sweatshirt, $89

2. A fresh pair of fancy pants flip-flops

I have no idea why these flip-flops are so expensive. They must be amazing. Josh wears flip-flops all summer long and I like that these have a bit of support, rather than being completely flat.

Chaco Flip Vibe Flip Flops, $70

3. A new pair of kicks for summer adventures

Josh has these shoes and he loves them. They look cool with shorts or with jeans and they’re lightweight and colorful. If you’ve never owned a pair of shoes from The North Face, I highly recommend them. I’ve had a couple over the years and they’re heavenly and last forever and a day.

The North Face Dipsea 78 Trainer, $80

4. A classic Father’s Day gift

We often get Josh a new pair of slippers for Father’s Day and have been buying him these UGG Scuffs for years. They have a sturdy sole, so they can stand up to a quick trip outside, but they are so, so cozy on the inside.

UGG Australia Scuff, $90

5. Pants that aren’t jeans

Dads and jeans go hand-in-hand, don’t they? But, sometimes Dad wants something cool to wear on the weekends, or on summer camping trips that aren’t jeans. I think these are a great choice.

New Balance Cross Run Track Pants, $45

6. Because he’s carrying all the stuff anyway

Who always gets stuck carrying everything? Dad. At least get him a sweet backpack so that he’s a good looking pack mule!

Timbuk2 Parkside Backpack, $69

What are you getting Dad for Father’s Day?

All products featured above are available via OnlineShoes.com. They are one of my favorite Seattle companies and I love working closely with them to feature their products. Thank you for shopping with the brands that I work with and that support bellingFAM.

Mom style: All about Birks

Birkenstocks on bellingFAM

Top left: Women’s Birkenstock Madrid Birko-Flor in Black Patent, OnlineShoes.com, $70
Top right: Women’s Birkenstock Boston in Taupe Suede, OnlineShoes.com, $130
Bottom left: Women’s Birkenstock Arizona in Twilight Blue Oiled Leather, OnlineShoes.com, $120
Bottom right: Women’s Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor, OnlineShoes.com, $90

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock that has blocked your view of what everyone and their mother (literally) are wearing on their feet this spring and summer, let me introduce you… or reintroduce you, as the case may be.


For some of you, Birks are new. For many of you, Birks have been in your closet for years and your favorite pair is either getting bumped up into your current shoe rotation more these days, or you’re rocking them with pride, just like you always have.

While I don’t currently own any Birkenstocks, they’ve been in and out of my own shoe closet since I was a teenager. You know, back when I was wearing perfectly ripped in all the right spots vintage, thrifted Levis and the comfiest tee I could find in my dad’s closet. Which is pretty much the same style I’ve been wearing lately. I suppose the ’90s are back after all, aren’t they?

I’ve had my eye on a few pair of Birkenstocks from the selection at OnlineShoes.com to get me through a busy summer with the kids and these are my finalists.

What do you think? Do you own a pair of Birks? Which pair are your faves? Let’s vote on it, shall we?

All shoes featured above are available via OnlineShoes.com. They are one of my favorite Seattle companies and I love working closely with them to feature shoes. Thank you for shopping with the brands that I work with and that support bellingFAM.

Mom style: My new favorite sandals

Splendid Sandals from OnlineShoes.com

Surprise, surprise. I’ve fallen in love with a new pair of shoes.

Meet the Splendid Cargo Sandals (OnlineShoes.com, $68).

These beauties arrived last week and it was swoon at first sight. But, you know how sandals can be… sometimes, they look amazing, but they kill your feet. These, however, are like butter from the first time you put them on. They go on super easy and I wore them for hours on Mother’s Day, and yesterday, without even thinking about them.

I’ve been wanting a pair of shoes with an elastic cross-strap like this for a long time (I’d had my eyes on these for years), so when I spotted this pair from Splendid on OnlineShoes.com, I knew they had to come home with me. Plus, I’m obsessed with a neutral shoe right now and that pop of color sealed the deal.

Splendid Sandals from OnlineShoes.com

Little did I know that they also had this super fun, bright zipper on the back. (It was a bit hard to selfie the back of my heels with the shoes on…) The zipper does come up a bit high on the back of your heel, but it is covered with leather on the inside of the shoe, so while it is rubbing a bit at the top of my heel, it’s not bugging me or leaving a blister.

Splendid Sandals OnlineShoes.com

The Splendid Cargo Sandal also comes in black, which is a classic alternative to the neon yellow in the pair I have. I admit that I’m very tempted to grab a pair of these as well. Cute with a long black maxi, perhaps?

Which color do you prefer?
The classic black? Or the pair with the pop of neon?

All shoes featured above are available via OnlineShoes.com. They are one of my favorite Seattle companies and I love working closely with them to feature shoes. Thank you for shopping with the brands that I work with and that support bellingFAM.