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bellingFAM Approved: KaHootie Co. Notepads (Giveaway)

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Here’s the truth…

Getting organized is easy. Some might even say it’s fun. (Me.)

Staying organized is the hard part.

I don’t know about you, but I always have the best intentions to stay organized, especially at the beginning of each school year, each week, each DAY. And, I feel so much better when things are in order and life just runs much smoother, for everyone, when I get my to-dos and our family schedule and all of the other mom-things out of my head and onto a calendar or into a list. I know it’s weird, but it makes me feel calm.

Even though I spend my work-life online, I am completely old-fashioned when it comes to my calendar. I still use a paper calendar and love writing things down.

KaHootie Co. Notepads

When Kristen, creator of KaHootie Co., a line of organizing tools for moms, got in touch, I was thrilled. Their products are exactly what I use in my everyday life to keep organized and I couldn’t wait to put them to use. Plus, I loved what Kristen had to say about why she designed these products, “One of the biggest challenges for moms and dads is organization, as they constantly juggle the demands of caring for their kids, themselves, and their home. If parents were more organized, they would have less stress, greater productivity, and enjoy more free time to spend with their family.”

Yes. Just, yes.

Here are some of my favorites from KaHootie Co.

KaHootie Co. Daily Calendar

Daily Schedule Notepad, $13

I literally use this pad every day. I try to make my list in the evening, just after I get the kiddos tucked into bed and wrap up emails. Feeling organized before tomorrow even hits makes me happy. I’ve used other daily notepads before, but I especially love this one from KaHootie Co. because it’s an all-in-one — calendar with blank times to write in appointments, quick to-dos for the most-pressing items on your list, a daily meal planner, and even a spot to check off how much water you’re drinking.

KaHootie Co. Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar Notepad, $13

This is the KaHootie Co. notepad that I use to keep our family on the same page. I fill out a new sheet at the beginning of each month and hang it on the front of the fridge for everyone to see. It’s filled with big things, like upcoming birthday parties and appointments, as well as little things, like reminders about which day the girls have library at school.

KaHootie Co. Chore Chart

Kids Chore Chart Notepad, $13

Lastly, grabbing the fan favorite award from my kids, is the Kids Chore Chart Notepad. Not only are these great for helping your kids feel accomplished for helping around the house, but they’re also fantastic to use for keeping track of daily reading and homework, especially for your school-aged kiddos. In the past, we’ve used chore charts like these to help us through the more challenging seasons of parenthood, keeping track of tear-free drop-offs at school or mornings that they wake up dry. Complete lifesaver for parents and the perfect visual tool for kids of all ages.

You can pick up your own KaHootie Co. products on their website, as well as online at Bed, Bath and Beyond and buybuy Baby. Before you buy, know that each notepad is super-thick.

The team at KaHootie Co. is giving away a set of their notepads for one lucky, soon-to-be very organized bellingFAM reader and we’re happy to be their host for the giveaway!

To enter to win a SET OF KAHOOTIE CO. NOTEPADS, please click the Rafflecopter link below:

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The House on Fremont Street: The dreaded hall closet

Hall Closet

We have this tiny, skinny closet in our hallway. You see it as you come in the front door and I suppose that it was intended to be a pantry, as it’s on the backside of the kitchen.

When we first moved in and unpacked, I started to organize it as I went, because obviously that would make the most sense and get it done quickest, right? But, that plan quickly flew out the window and less than a day in, I just started cramming anything and everything in there. I knew it was all stuff that would live in there, but it also become a bit of a catch-all for anything I didn’t want to deal with at the moment.

And, much to Josh’s delight, eventually it started overflowing into a nearby laundry basket, that I stationed there, just for that purpose.

Three months later and it all still sat there, waiting to be put away and organized. In fact, this is how it looked, as of just last weekend:

Hall Closet Before

I told you it was bad. I’m cringing just looking at this picture. Oddly enough, I did know where everything was in there, so… Here goes nothing!

Hall Closet Basket

First, I took it all out to access the damage. This is just the stuff that was in the extra laundry basket.

Hall Closet Everything

And, this was everything. Cards. Stationary. Wrapping supplies. Ribbons. Pens. Shipping supplies. Notebooks. Baskets. Cellophane Easter bags. Books. Poof balls. Glue sticks. Envelopes. So many envelopes.

Organizing it wasn’t hard. Most everything went back in the closet and since this stuff had all come from the hall closet in our Seattle home, it was already semi-organized and there were pre-determined bins for everything — stationary, wrapping supplies, extra craft supplies (we keep most of them out in the kitchen on a bookshelf for the kids to easily access), notebooks, ribbons, etc.

Hall Closet Top

Top shelves:
Extra baskets, craft paper on a roll, stationary & note cards, note pads & blank paper
Not pictured in the back row: A bin of office supplies and extra small boxes for mailing gifts

These bins from Ikea are a lifesaver. I have dozens of them around our house to stay organized. I couldn’t find the exact bins online anymore — I’m hoping they still carry them in the stores! — but these PLUGGIS Recycling Bins ($7 each) are pretty close.

Hall Closet Middle

Middle shelves:
A bin of wrapping supplies and a bin of ribbons. A little bin for sticky notes, tape & washi. Yet another bin of note cards (I have SO many, but I love them!) and a spot for pens. Homework racks for when school starts and two empty magazine bins.

As you can see, we have some room to grow in this closet, which is nice and that I know we’ll appreciate when school starts and all of the paperwork starts rolling in and homework ramps up.

Hall Closet Bottom

Bottom shelf:
A rack for papers for the kids (blank, lined and construction). Crafts in the back, including the best-ever craft kits lovingly made by one of my SILs. A basket for playing cards. A larger file bin for instruction manuals and home papers. A bin for party supplies and a couple of extra bins and baskets.

Hall Closet After

I’m not sure how this closet will be used and change as we live in our house more, but at least it’s organized now, which is a good start.

Eventually, maybe this fall/winter, I’d like to continue to give this space a mini-makeover including:

  • Painting the inside of the closet and the shelves, or possibly using wallpaper to give it some spunk
  • New doorknob (the entire house needs them, really)
  • Possibly a fixture inside of the closet to give it more light
  • New light fixture above the closet
  • Possibly paint the inside of the door with chalkboard paint?
  • Paint the outside of the door a fun color… To be determined as we make a plan for the hallway

The House on Fremont Street