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Reading list: 7 Books I’ve read so far in 2014

I didn’t really make resolutions for 2014, but in the back of my mind, I vowed to do more reading… and I’ve been keeping that promise, plowing through a book every couple of weeks.

Here’s what I’ve been reading since the beginning of the year. I always pin the books I’ve read, with recommendations to my BOOKS I READ: 2014 Pinterest board (here is my 2012 list and my 2013 list) and I keep a very active BOOKS TO READ Pinterest board as well.

Beautiful Ruins

Beautiful Ruins: A Novel by Jess Walter

This was the first book I read this year and I have to admit that the cover caught my eye. I rarely read what a book is actually about before I start it. I love the mystery of not knowing (this is so not like me, in life, FYI). I did like this book. It was thick and hopped between different countries and cultures and eras, which kept my interest.

The Interestings

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

This has been my favorite so far this year, which was a surprise to me considering I couldn’t even finish Meg Wolitzer’s other book. This one took me back to being a teenager, despite the fact that these teens experienced life in a different decade than I did — I suppose that there are some things and experiences that are just intrinsic to being a teenager, right?

Divergent Series

The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

I just finished reading the last book a couple of days ago and now I’m dying to see the movie (want to be my date? i promise not to hog the popcorn). I thought this was a fun series to read and it caught my interest. Obviously it’s in the Young Adult category, although I thought it was a bit more mature than Twilight or The Hunger Games. The first book was definitely my fave and they went a bit downhill from there, in my opinion. The last two books felt like the were trying to hard and I almost wish I would have read the first book and called it a day. Did anyone else feel the same?

Revenge Wears Prada

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

If you were a fan of the first book, I would say that it’s a must-read. It went in a different direction than I was expecting and I’m really hoping that they make it into a movie. Mostly because this is the only Anne Hathaway that I can stomach. Perfect for beach reading or I-don’t-really-want-to-think-much reading.

What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

I’d been hearing about this book for a while and knew that it was wildly popular, but I was skeptical. I hate getting so excited about a book that everyone is swooning about, then being disappointed when it’s not so great. However, I really loved this. The story was light, relateable and relevant.

Have you read any of these? What are you reading right now?

Reading list: REAL HAPPY FAMILY, A NOVEL (Giveaway)

Real Happy Family Cover

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When TLC Book Tours asked me to review one of their latest books, REAL HAPPY FAMILY, by Caeli Wolfson Widger, the email exchange went a little something like this:

Them: “Are you interested in reviewing a book that is focused around pop culture and reality TV?”

Me: “Hold on, let me turn down the Real Housewives of (Insert Favorite Bravo Franchise Here).”

In all honesty, once I dug into REAL HAPPY FAMILY, it wasn’t quite what I expected. Reading about pop culture and reality TV seems like it would be a pretty cushy gig, but this book is much darker and grittier than those topics let on.

The story follows a family, mainly a mother and a daughter, who are trying to survive in Hollywood, eventually ending up on an intervention-style reality TV show… which kicks off in a Reno hotel room, of all places.

I’m still finishing up the last few chapters of REAL HAPPY FAMILY and while it took me a few chapters to pull the story together, the characters kept me going. I loved that this wasn’t a fluffy-take on reality TV or a profile of a “struggling” actress. It feels real and borderline scandalous in a man-behind-the-curtain way, without being sensationalized with the glitz and glamour of typical celeb-fiction reads. To top it all off, it’s smart and witty, in all of the right places. My favorite.

There were times when I had to put it down to take a break from the almost painful family interactions. I felt as if I were peeking straight into the lives of Lorelei and Colleen, like I was watching them on Real Happy Family (the reality show they land on) myself, rather than reading a piece of fiction.

I’d certainly recommend REAL HAPPY FAMILY, especially if you’re a self-confessed reality TV junkie, like me. (I have no shame.) Your secret is safe with me. Looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up… I still can’t tell if there is a happy ending in the works or if this family will dive right into tragedy, yet again.

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