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40 Random thoughts on the Scandal season premiere

photo via the Scandal Facebook page

If you haven’t watched the season premiere yet, don’t read this!

Gone Girl? Nice placement.
And, who is it…
Jake Ballard!
Her hair is so not Olivia Pope right now.
Where the hell are they and how the hell did they get there and… WTF in general?
Also, where is Zanzibar?
From Olivia Pope to Julia Baker.
Of course she opens the envelope.
Wait, who was Harrison? The guy in her office?
Okay, now that’s the Olivia Pope we know and love. Thank goodness the entire season wasn’t going to be Jake and Jules on the beach.
She got that hair straightened real quick.
I’m so glad she isn’t pregnant in real life anymore. Those hide-the-belly shots were getting old.
I mean, Huck is our favorite, right?
STOP IT. Abby in the White House? I love it.
I saw her on Ellen today and she’s 100x prettier in real life.
By real life, I mean on TV.
And… Mellie. (Who I thought was actually named Millie, until I just Googled it.)
I want one of those hanging clear white board things in my house.
For meal planning. Not so much war strategies.
What happened to Millie last season? I can’t even remember. Why did she lose it?
I love Portia. Hate her hair like that.
Do you think she just kept that long white coat stashed away while she was on the beach?
Completely forgot about the whole Mama Pope thing.
I love that Jake thinks that they’re going back to the island. Because they’re not.
Nothing like a senator’s murder to get a girl to stick around.
OH, I love that actress who is playing the senator’s wife! Who is she?
He’s alive? Nice touch.
That trench coat with the gold details is amazing.
I’m guessing that’s not in the Olivia Pope clothing line.
Because it cost $1200. At least.
Huck is so not a Randy.
I should have watched the last season before I started this.
I have no idea why Mellie is laying on a grave.
Um, hello, Jake Ballard with the sexy speech.
And, we’re back in the office! Olivia Pope and Associates!
Cyrus is having some hair issues this season. It’s a little out of control.
The funeral. I want Olivia Pope to plan mine. Those flowers.
I love that when FLOTUS goes crazy, she wears Uggs 24/7.
“It’s 1976 down there!”
(Pretty sure we should just end things there.)

Did you watch? Thoughts?