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Our favorite picks from the TOMS for Target collection

Have you heard about the TOMS for Target collection that launched on Sunday? I’ve been excited to see what they would come up with and while I’m not head-over-heels with the entire collection, there were certainly some stand-out favorites. Stay tuned for an update as I head to the Bellingham Target to see what they have in stock…

TOMS for Target

For the moms:
TOMS for Target Knit Infinity Scarf, $20 (In stores only)
TOMS for Target Glass Double Wall Hot and Cold Beverage Bottle, $15 (Online & in stores)
TOMS for Target Jar Candle with Wood Box, $15 (In stores only)
TOMS for Target Women’s Crewneck Sweater, $32 (In stores only)
TOMS for Target Simple is Beautiful Zippered Clutch, $20 (Online & in stores)
TOMS for Target 3-Bracelet Set, $15 (In stores only)

For the boys:
TOMS for Target Toddler Boy’s Shoes, $32 (Online only)
TOMS for Target Boy’s Knit Beanie, $10 (Online & in stores)

For the girls:
TOMS for Target Girl’s Knit Flip Top Gloves, $12 (In stores only)
TOMS for Target Girl’s Full Zip Hoodie, $22 (Online & in stores)

Have you spotted the TOMS for Target collection at your Target?
What did you think?


The House on Fremont Street: Living room floor lamps for under $150

Long story short, we need a floor lamp.

Long story long, this is the first fall we’ve spent in our house and we’re realizing that our living room is very dark. In fact, there aren’t any lights in our living room. We’ve been tossing around adding a row or two of can lights, but in the meantime, we need a floor lamp.

But, I kinda hate floor lamps. They can be so ugly. SO UGLY. Let me try that again… floor lamps that don’t cost $300 can be SO UGLY.

That’s better.

Here are a few that I have my eye on for our living room, all for under $150 each. Any favorites?

Floor Lamps Under $150

Threshold Seeded Glass Industrial Floor Lamp, Target (Online only), $90
Target Floor LampI really like this one and I think it would be a good fit in our living room and would give off a lot of indirect light from the clear shade. It comes with an Edison Bulb, which is cool, too.

RANARP Floor/Reading Lamp, Ikea (In-stores only), $60
Ikea Floor LampI’ve had my eye on this lamp from Ikea for a while. I love the brass details and the white would look really fresh against the backdrop of our deep blue living room walls. (Who’s going to Ikea soon?)

Pharmacy Floor Lamp, Target (Online only), $130
Target Floor LampThis lamp is a bit more traditional and it’s probably my least favorite on the list, but there’s something about it that I do like.

Contrast Cord Floor Lamp, Urban Outfitters (Online only), $149
Urban Outfitters Floor LampThis one is fun and funky and the contrasting orange cord is a nice touch.

Cantilever Lamp, Urban Outfitters (Online only), $149 (Currently on sale for $129)
Urban Outfitters Floor LampThis one caught my eye and I love the shape and that wood handle. However, I worry that adding more blue to our living room would be a mistake.

Stella Floor Lamp, Urban Outfitters (Online only), $129
Urban Outfitters Floor LampThis lamp from Urban Outfitters is a fan favorite and I know a few people who have it. It’s a little frilly, but that might be a good contrast in our not-so-frilly living room.

The House on Fremont Street: A last-minute modern picnic table

Sometime last month, I was at Target to grab one thing (literally, ONE THING), when I noticed they were clearing out all of their outdoor furniture and accessories to make way for school supplies. Everything was discounted, majorly, including the picnic table that we’d been eyeing since forever.

Target Threshold Picnic Table

Threshold Bryant Faux Wood Patio Picnic Table, Target, available online, $254

They only had the display model left, but it seemed to be in pretty good shape (plus, they offered me an extra discount to make up for it…) and Josh happened to be out running errands in the truck, so I snagged it.

Target Picnic Table

The rug (Threshold Rectangular Patio Rug in Navy Chevron) was a last minute add-on that I grabbed on the way out. It was heavily discounted as well, so I think it was less than $20. It’s a little small for under the table, but it does the job of keeping the table in place and giving a soft spot for barefeet to rest. It’s an indoor/outdoor rug, so I’ll clean it up and move it inside when summer comes to an end.

What was originally a $300 table came to under $70, with tax. Um, I can’t even tell you how insanely excited we were. I think it was discounted at 60 percent off and I had an extra 10 percent off using my Target Cartwheel app (do you use it? it’s awesome.) and another 10 perfect off for the display model discount. I’m not sure that really adds up, but however we got there, it was a steal.

Target Threshold Picnic Table

It seems small at first glance, but it’s the perfect size for our little deck (which we have plans to expand/turn into a larger patio/do something with in the future) and for our family to sit around for dinner, which we do as often as we can.

The kids love sitting out there to color or craft as well. It’s plastic, not wood, so it cleans up very nicely and lasts through summer storms without getting damaged. Josh and I also love that the benches are attached to the table. Our kids are squirmy and benches that tip over can be risky business.

Patio Table House

(I’m dying to paint that door. And add a new light fixture. And paint stripes on the deck. Poor Josh.)

Looking forward to many, many more summer dinners at this table, at this house, with my sweet family. There’s something so peaceful about eating outside. The kids seem to eat more when we’re outside and we tend to linger longer afterward, or the kids leave the table to play in the grass while Josh and I catch up on the day…

… and pour another beer or two.

The House on Fremont Street

I spy school supplies

Today, I’m sharing a post that I wrote long ago, as a first-time kindergarten mom, about buying school supplies. It was originally posted on my previous blog, about our life in Seattle, Being5. I spotted school supplies being stocked at Target this week and couldn’t help but remember our first, horrible, experience trying to buy them. After spending hundreds of dollars each year on school supplies, hunting all over town for the exactly perfect items on our list, I am truly grateful for a school district that provides them!

Janie First Day of Kindergarten

Janie, on her first day of kindergarten. 2010.

being school supply virgins
Originally posted on Being5 in August 2010

I was so excited to take Janie school supply shopping. I have a deep love for pens and papers and markers and those little Whit-Out things that you drag across the paper to correct mistakes and I have a feeling that Janie feels the same way. Plus, we had a list from the school of things to buy, which makes it even more fun because not only did we get to buy school supplies, but we got to check them off the list as we went.  What could be better?  Really?

Trouble was on the horizon as we neared the Target parking garage (yes, our target has a parking garage.  big city, baby.) and we were backed up to the second stoplight. It’s never backed up to the second stoplight. Even at Christmas time. I should have heeded the warning signs and hightailed it over to Fred Meyer, but no. I am a loyal Target girl and there was no way I could cheat on this special occasion.

Someone really needs to write a manual for parents of kindergartners because I had no idea that a week before school starts, Target would be out of school supplies. The 12 glue sticks on our list? Nope. The 12-pack of 3×3 Super Sticky Post-it Notes in any color? Gone. The two thin dry erase pens in black only? Don’t even bother. One mom was wandering around aimlessly crying out for pencils. Nope, not a No. 2 in sight.

Poor Janie was following me around like the last puppy who didn’t get adopted trying to find things that we might need. “Mommy, I found one pair of left-handed scissors under the shelves! Are these on our list? “

Target. You bitch. I saved myself for you. For this special trip with my oldest child going to school for the first time and you let me down.

Janie and I ended up zipping to Staples on our way home from Target to pick up the rest of the things on our list and now we have three full bags of school supplies, plus two backpacks and a lunchbox ready by the door for kindergarten next week.

DIY Daily Memory Box

Make this: Daily memory box

I had pinned this a few months ago on Pinterest (you can see the pin here) and once I finally clicked through to the original post, I realized that it was from Seattle-based Modern Parents Messy Kids, a site that I love.

Keeping track of those little moments, when you’re a family, is priceless and although I’ve tried many, many, MANY methods in the past, I’ve never found one that stuck. I love this box because it literally takes less than a minute to scribble down a memory, a funny quote or an exciting announcement from our day on the card. Having the predated cards keeps me accountable to not skip a day and I keep the box with the cards on my dresser, where I see it before I go to bed each night as a reminder to jot something down.

Lastly, I love that this moves from year-to-year with our family. I can’t wait to get a full-year into writing down these daily memories and look back to see what we were doing last year as a family.

DIY Daily Memory Box

To make my modified version, here’s what I bought:

  • 1 Pack of 4×6-inch lined index cards from Target
  • A few more rolls of washi tape from Target. In Bellingham, they’re along the side wall, by the stationary. You can get by with just one roll, if you’re on a budget.
  • 1 Ultra fine-tipped Sharpie. I live by these and it works well to write on the washi tape. I bought a pack of four at Target, but you just need one.
  • 1 4×6 plain wood box from Micheal’s. These were in the far back left-hand corner of the store. This one cost about $5.

The total cost was less than $15.

Once you have everything you need, assembly is pretty quick.

Here’s how I made my Daily Memory Box:
As inspired by the DIY Memory Box from Modern Parents Messy Kids

DIY Daily Memory Box

One: Apply the washi tape to the index cards.
There is a bit of a learning curve with the application, but once you get going, it won’t take long. I rotated through my different washis, putting a strip that was long enough on each card for me to write the date. I also tried hard to get the washi on the same spot on the card. (True confessions: I have crafting OCD. I can’t help it.)

Two: Write the dates on the cards.
This is where that heavenly Sharpie comes in handy. It doesn’t matter that you’re not starting at the beginning of the year, because you’ll build on the memories as the years go by. Remember: Only write the date, not the year, on your washi. For example: Write March 20, not March 20, 2014.

DIY Daily Memory Box

Three: Decorate the box.
I used the same washi tapes that I used on the cards to decorate mine and I chose not to decorate the whole thing… yet. I think it will be fun to add a bit each year. You could also easily paint your box or have your kids paint or decorate it. Go crazy!

Four: Get the cards in the box.
I have today’s card on the front of the stack, then I’ll rotate it to the back of the box after I write today’s memory. The inside of the box is a bit rough and I may eventually paint the interior to make it smoother… and cuter.

DIY Daily Memory Box

Five: Start making and writing down those memories.
So far, the memories I’m writing on the cards are all over the place. Some are funny things that the kids have said (Meg: “It’s snowing! I think we should get donuts to celebrate!”). Some are exciting memories for our family that I want to remember, for the future (Janie’s first day of soccer practice). But, most are just little notes about what we did that day (Went to the movies with some of our fave neighbors) or tiny snippets about life in our family (Snow day… again.) Once you get going, you’ll get in your own groove for what works for your own memory-keeping style.

As you can see on the post from Modern Parents Messy Kids, they also incorporated daily pictures, which they printed on that super cool printer (hello. i want that thing!) and stuck them on the back of each card. That’s so smart! As an alternative, I’m going to print some small sticker photos from Printstagram, which uses your Instagram photos. At $10 for 252 photo stickers, it’s a budget-friendly option, although it the tricky part will be figuring out which photos go with which dates!

What do you use to keep memories for your family? Do you scrapbook? Blog? Journal?

5 Things I love at Target: Edition 1

Target Favorites

Like the rest of the world, I adore Target. Who doesn’t these days? These favorites caught my eye as Everett and I did some shopping yesterday.

All items available at the Target in Bellingham, WA on March 15, 2014:

Blue Rain Boots, In-stores only, Near the garden/patio supplies, $15
I thought these were fun and simple for the kids, and at under $20, they’re also a steal. Also available in pink.

Women’s Mossimo Audrey Braided Strap Sandal, $20
I tossed all of my super worn-in sandals at the end of last summer. They had lived long lives and were just worn out. I think I have one pair of black rubber flip-flops and a pair of leather Tory Burch flip-flops left for summer. (sob story, obviously.) I could use one more pair, something a little fancier, to get me through the warm weather days. 

Black & White Polka Dot Storage Boxes, In-Stores only, $7 each (Clearance price)
These have caught my eye over and over again at Target. Maybe for storage boxes in the girls’ room? Or the craft closet?

Nate Berkus Decorative Pillow: Silver Triangles, $25
Everett was my pillow model and I nearly took this one home with me, but I wanted two and, alas, there was only one to be found.

Threshold Kilim Square Poufs, $70 (In-store price), $48 (Online sale price)
I need all of these. They are all my favorite and I’m not sure I could ever settle on the one or two that I like best. I had Ev sit on one and it seemed pretty stable, so I wonder if they would work well in the living room, around the coffee table for snacks and coloring? Or, maybe in the kids’ rooms? Does anyone have one? I’d love to hear how they hold up…