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The House on Fremont Street

The House on Fremont Street: Construction zone

This is the scene at our house this morning.

Flaggers. Backhoes. Cones. No parking signs. Compressors. Guys drilling into concrete.

After a chilly month at The House on Fremont Street, we’ve having gas brought to the house and a new heating system installed, replacing those old, dangerous in-wall heaters that were single source of heat when we moved in… and that we promptly ripped out so that we could paint.

Long story short, our house has been a bit on the chilly side since we moved in!

It happened that both installs, gas and heat, landed on the same week, so we’ll be living in a construction site, of sorts for the next few days. I don’t think Everett will mind one little bit.

Here’s to having dry bath towels, being warm when we get out of bed in the mornings and to on-demand hot water.

(can you hear the angels singing? i can.)

The House on Fremont Street

Herringbone Wall Part 1

The House on Fremont Street: An {imperfect} DIY herringbone wall in Everett’s room {part 1}

A long, long time ago, before The House on Fremont Street was even a thought, I pinned this picture on Pinterest. I loved the entire nursery, which actually originated from the gorgeous, to-die-for blog, At Home At Home.

Fast forward nearly a year. We’re in our new home, trying to add some customized elements to make our otherwise plain jane house into a home that we adore. I don’t think that I would ever brave painting a true chevron pattern on the wall, as trying to make all of those zigs and zags align perfectly (they’d have to. HAVE TO.) makes me want to cry, but this imperfect version of a herringbone pattern seemed doable. Even for this paint-hating DIYer.

I promise to include a full step-by-step guide in the next post, but we’re only halfway through and I hit a bump in the road along the way, so let’s talk about that first, shall we?


We used FrogTape Delicate Surface (since we had just painted the wall with a fresh coat of white paint), which is pretty much the best thing ever. It’s so soft and easy to put on the wall. Note that we used the wider tape, giving us almost 2-inches of coverage for every white line.

Herringbone Wall

Josh was in charge of the first step: getting the vertical lines perfectly spaced and perfectly straight. He’s good at things like that. I’m not. This is why we’ve been married for nearly 12 years.

Herringbone Wall

Now my work began. I started in the center of the wall, taping off two of the first herringbone lines about mid-way up the wall. I didn’t want them to perfectly connect, but I did want their angles to be similar, which I just eye-balled.

Herringbone Wall

Then, I started tape off of my first piece in one section. I didn’t want each section, which will be painted blue, to be the same size, so I just taped my heart out, adding new lines until I had filled up the entire section.

Herringbone Wall

This was the result. When I stood back, I wasn’t as excited as I should be. When I compared it to my inspiration picture, I realized that I had added far too many lines.

Herringbone Wall

Instead of starting over, I went with a new strategy for the adjacent section, starting with taping three pieces: one that was in the middle, then one above and one below, giving me three equal-ish sections. Once those looked good (it was tricky to get their angles right!), I added two lines of tape below and above each of the three main tape lines.

Herringbone Wall

Once that side was taped, I went back to the first section and removed about half of the tape that I had applied originally. I just did some random picking and choosing, being careful to step back away from the wall, to check on the progress as I removed each line.

In the end, I love that the section on the left is a little more structured, while the section on the right has some skinnier and thicker bands. I think they’re a good balance for each other… at least until we get started on the outer sections!

We’re going to finish taping tonight and maybe I can convince Josh to start painting for me too… Stay tuned for a full reveal and step-by-step instructions (minus the ones we wasted time on!) next week!


The House on Fremont Street

What we’ve been doing the past couple of weeks

I promise that I didn’t forget about you all. Between moving and unpacking and having family in town and not having internet at home until just a couple of days ago, it’s been a whirlwind. But, we’re into the swing of things and I’m actually going to get GROCERIES today. Progress.

Here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks…


The kids only had to sleep on the livingroom floor for a couple of nights… I think they slept better in there than they do in their beds!


This was the state of our garage. Thankfully, it does’t look quite this bad anymore. Who can spot a treadmill, the base of a lamp I don’t want anymore, and a weedeater?


We were out-of-town for a family event last weekend and killed some time at this cool park. Does anyone know where we are? Full post with details coming later this week!


This little spot in our entry way is one of the only spots that I consider semi-done. Well, despite all of the paint touch-ups I need to do. But still, a moment of peace and beauty goes a long way.


We’ve been eating out a lot the past couple of weeks. Ev and I are certainly frequent flyers at The Bagelry. (He gets a bialy with cream cheese. I get one with feta-garlic-dill. Yum)


This is the last of the boxes that contain inside stuff. Josh put them inside on Saturday. They’re still sitting there, untouched. Staring at me. I hate them.


And, a quick shot from our Easter egg hunt with cousins yesterday. Why don’t my kids move this fast when we’re trying to get out the door in the morning? Hmm…

Come visit tomorrow for a giveaway of one of my favorite mom must-haves in one of my favorite prints. It’s a good one!


Let’s talk about the deer

Let’s talk about the deer.

(I almost titled this post “Oh, deer!” but I thought twice…)

Is it just me, or are there more deer than people in Bellingham? I swear that I don’t go on a single drive without seeing some trying to cross the road/nearly hitting one that is crossing the road. It’s kind of insane, right?

When we were signing the papers on our new house a couple of weeks ago, we happened to run into the previous owner in the lobby of the title company. She was so sweet and we chatted for a moment or two.

On our way out, she said, “Oh, I need to tell you about the deer. You have to feed them.”


She revealed that she’s been feeding them from her back porch for years and that they will actually come up to the back window and wait until you bring them apples.

Let’s try that again… Huh?

I asked if she cuts them up. (I was joking.)

She said yes. (She wasn’t joking.)

Josh and I left, shaking our heads and thinking that she must be exaggerating a bit. We laughed about it and told the kids that our new house came with pet deer. YAY! We don’t have to get a dog anymore!

Then, on Friday, Everett and I were in the front yard when we noticed a deer casually walking towards the back. By the time we got there, she was waiting for us, just at the end of the deck. And, even with a 4-year old who was hopping back and forth on his feet with excitement, she just stayed there… waiting.

I grabbed an apple from the fridge and tossed it out to her as she gave me an exasperated look, like she was saying, “It’s about time, lady.”

So, now we have a pet deer. She’s been back a couple of times now and gets so close that we could reach out and pet her, if we were so bold, which we aren’t. Because, um, rabies. She does seem to prefer the apples cut up — she couldn’t seem to break through the skin of the apple when it was whole. Also, I’m apparently a deer lady now. It’s like a cat lady, except weirder.

I admit that I feel like I’m screwing with Mother Nature a bit by feeding her and I’m wondering how long it will be before I come down the hallway to find a deer standing in my kitchen.

Do you have a crazy deer story to share? Please do! Crazy like company.

This isn’t our first close encounter with wild animals. This happened at our house in Seattle: Read this first, then this. Warning: It includes raccoons. And some graphic language. And possibly some illegal animal dumping.

The House on Fremont Street: It’s moving day!

Moving Day

this is where i’ve been all week. on a ladder. 

It’s moving day!

(enter huge cringe here.)

I hate moving and I feel terribly unprepared, as we’ve been spending all of our time this week at the new house, prepping it for our arrival, and not so much at the old house, um, packing.

But, here goes nothing!

Take a little sneak peek at what we’ve been working on at the new house the past few days and don’t forget to check out some other popular posts on bellingFAM that you may have missed, including:

Moving Day

can you tell what this is?

Moving Day

i’m crossing my fingers that this paint is dry now…

The House on Fremont Street

Meet The House on Fremont Street

Apologies for the silence on bellingFAM the past few days… We have been waiting very, very patiently for our new house to close and it finally did at the end of last week, which means we’ve been in a whirlwind of signing papers and DIYing.

The House on Fremont Street

If you follow along on Instagram (we’re using #thehouseonfremontstreet there too), you already got a sneak peek into what we’re working on first. Let’s just say that there is a lot of paint and a lot of wood. And three little ones who are (not so) helpful along the way. Not to mention the excessive amount of time that we’ve spent at Lowe’s in the past 72 hours.

The House on Fremont Street

But, we’re excited to share our homeowner adventures with you, including all of the projects that I haphazardly pin on Pinterest and then convince Josh to do with me. (ahem, planking the ceilings. cough. cough.)