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55 Bachelor premiere thoughts you were probably already having

The Bachelor

Note to self: Never, EVER be one of the women at that “red carpet” event.
I need Chris to open his mouth more when he talks.
Maybe it’s a farmer thing. So the bugs don’t fly in. When he’s on the tractor.
Baby cows. Women love baby cows. More baby cow shots, please.
20-miles from civilization = awesome Pinterest-worthy photo backgrounds.
Wait, the entire FIRST HOUR is red carpet? Sigh.
I love that the ex-contestants are pretending like the fans do not exist. At all.
I spy prom hair.
On to the bachelorettes!
Drink every time you see ombre hair.
I mean, it’s a bad sign when she straight out admits that she’s crazy, right?
My early vote is for Kelsey, the school counselor.
Ohmy. She’s a widow, too? Top two. For sure.
Josh and Andi are never getting married. (told you so.)
This is too much Nikki time. Over it.
I now pronounce this the season of the henley shirt.
This bachelor house is nailing the trends of 2014.
Aztec towels. Reclaimed wood chevron walls. Outdoor showers.
Are girls suppose to say panty dropper? That didn’t sound right.
Well, that’s quite a first impression.
She’s not just a hugger, but an over-hugger-who-kind-of-cries-too.
Whitney. Too enthusiastic.
KELSEY. Adore her. She must win.
Is Ashley already a little drunk?
This is the best trick, ever. I love the outfit switch up. Super cute.
These ladies from Iowa are having the best day ever.
They’re selling Iowa, that’s for sure.
The over-hugger turned out to be a winner. Go, Britt!
That secret admirer stunt worked out well. He HAD to come find her. Smart.
The eyelash game is intense on this show.
Second limo arrival group is getting the shaft on coverage.
Loving Becca. Good outfit.
Motorcycle girl is an automatic in.
Don’t you wonder if anyone has ever fallen on their face walking in?
I think I stopped watching. There are so many girls. I can’t keep up.
I fully support his first impression rose.
And he kissed her! I wasn’t expecting that!
They have a bit of a love at first sight thing going on…
Please don’t be crazy. Please don’t be crazy. Please don’t be crazy.
Tara is going to fall right off the back of those mini-bleachers.
And smack her whiskey-drunk head on the floor.
He’s doing a great job ignoring her.
Also, there’s no way he learned everyone’s names so quickly. There must be a cheat sheet.
Or, maybe he only picks the ones whose names he knows.
Drunk girls are winning. Big time. Drunk girls and brunettes.
I loved the gal who did the cute pig nose. Sad to see her go.
The arrived when it was nighttime and now it’s MORNING?
No wonder everyone is drunk!
Is she going back in? Oh my. Don’t do it.
And, that’s where they end it. Such a teaser.
“I would rather chew glass and wash it down with a bag of hair.”
Let’s end things there.

photo via The Bachelor Facebook page.


Fall 2014 TV review: What we’re watching

Fall 2014 TV Review

It’s no secret that I’m a big TV watcher. We are probably the only ones left in the world that get real life cable. I love it. Completely love it.

While I often cover Fall TV for other sites that I write for, this year, I’m bringing it to bellingFAM!

Here it goes… Can’t wait to hear what you’re loving/hating/holding out on, too!



Survivor: This is the 29th season of Survivor, or something crazy like that. We haven’t watched it the entire time, just here and there, but have picked back up on it this season and it’s just as crazy as ever. I think I spend the entire hour thinking about what it takes to create everything behind-the-scenes — the challenges, the ever-changing issues, Jeff Probst’s endless safari-esque outfits… This year, I’m most impressed with the girl contestants who have caught on to getting a gel manicure before they head to Survivor. Brilliant.

Scandal: A favorite, naturally. I wasn’t that into the first episode, but the second felt like it was back in its groove. The Mellie story line is especially hilarious. Those Ugg boots? And the constant eating and grave sitting? It’s good. I’m not sure how much longer I can stand this coldness between Olivia and the President, however.

The Good Wife: If I had to pick one show as my favorite, this would be it. The Good Wife nails it, every episode, and I devour it as soon as I can find time to watch. Loving the potential of Alicia running for State’s Attorney, although, I’m not certain she’ll actually head down that path. And, the entire thing with Cary and jail and drug smuggling? Ugh. It kills me. He’s my fave.

Chicago Fire: I mean, I came for the fire fighters. But, I stayed for the stories. This show is a borderline soap opera, but Josh and I both love it. Everything is SO DRAMATIC all of the time.

Project Runway: This show is actually just wrapping up and it’s the kind of show that I put on when I’m working and need some background noise.

Modern Family: Finally, Modern Family is making me laugh again. I felt like the past couple of seasons were a bit womp-womp. But so far, so good. How much do you love Phil and Claire? I mean, I just can’t get enough of them.

Grey’s Anatomy: Is this show still going? I skipped a couple of seasons along the way and I just keep watching to see where it will end, but really, so many of the good main characters have left now that I feel like it’s just all Derek and Meredith, all of the time. Maybe time to pull the plug?

Saturday Night Live: I had such high hopes for this season, but I know that they made a lot of changes over the summer and I’m not sure it was for the best. We watched the first show, with Chris Pratt, and it was just okay. We didn’t even finish the show with Sarah Silverman. And, I miss Cecily Strong on Weekend Update.

Nashville: This is a soap opera in disguise, right? I’m this close to not watching anymore, because I feel like I can only go around-and-around on the relationship merry-go-round so many more times. But, I can’t quit Connie Britton.

Parenthood: Loving the final season, so far. And, super curious to see where things end up. I’ve loved this show, consistently, over the years and these are some of my favorite actors on TV. Plus, let’s talk about how glad we are that Hattie has dropped that horrible haircut.

Chicago PD: The sister show to Chicago Fire, this is one of my guilty pleasures. Sometimes, I can’t tell if it’s amazingly good or horribly awful. But, I don’t even care.

The Voice: Janie and I watch this together for a few minutes each night after the little kids go to bed. I don’t think we’ve ever watched the entire season, usually just the blind auditions at the beginning, but we’re hoping to stick it out this year. Loving Pharrell and Gwen.


Manhattan Love Story: This show caught my eye at the last-minute and it was very cute. Looking forward to seeing where it goes as a funny romantic sitcom.

Bad Judge: I tried to watch this last week, but it was too awful. Deleted it.

The Mysteries of Laura: I stuck with this show for a few episodes, but I wasn’t that into it. I really wanted to like it. I really did, but I wanted it to either be funnier or more dramatic. It felt stuck in the middle in an awkward, soon-to-be-cancelled kind of way.

A to Z: I wasn’t expecting to like this sitcom as much as I did! It’s very well put-together and the story line is very clear and intentional. Thumbs-up for the pilot! Hoping it sticks around…

Red Band Society: Josh and I have been watching this together. We were torn after the first episode, but after watching another one last night, I think we both like it more.

How to Get Away with Murder: Apparently, this was the most-watched premiere of the season and I do like it. At times, it’s a little much and the secondary story line feels confusing. But, sticking with it to see where it goes, as we know that Shondra Rhimes can do no wrong.


Madam Secretary: I have these stocked up to watch, but haven’t dug into them yet. Hoping it’s a hit!

The Amazing Race: Same old, same old. I’m not really sure why we keep watching it. I might save it to watch with Janie… she might think it’s cool.

Top Chef: This premieres next week (October 15) and I always love watching it. It’s another show that I often put on in the background while I work in the evenings.

Homeland: The last season just started on Sunday evening and I think we’ll save these up until we have the entire season to binge watch.

Forever: A new show about a doctor who has been alive for 200 years, or something like that. Looks interesting.

Scorpion: Josh was looking forward to watching this. I heard some very negative reviews, but that probably means we’ll like it.

Stalker: I added this one at the last-minute and it looks good. A good psychological thriller type of show.

The Affair: This is new on Showtime and it’s premiering this weekend. It looks juicy.

The Blacklist: One of our favorites that debuted last year (or earlier this year, maybe? January?), I’ve heard that this season kind of goes crazy town on you.

40 Random thoughts on the Scandal season premiere

photo via the Scandal Facebook page

If you haven’t watched the season premiere yet, don’t read this!

Gone Girl? Nice placement.
And, who is it…
Jake Ballard!
Her hair is so not Olivia Pope right now.
Where the hell are they and how the hell did they get there and… WTF in general?
Also, where is Zanzibar?
From Olivia Pope to Julia Baker.
Of course she opens the envelope.
Wait, who was Harrison? The guy in her office?
Okay, now that’s the Olivia Pope we know and love. Thank goodness the entire season wasn’t going to be Jake and Jules on the beach.
She got that hair straightened real quick.
I’m so glad she isn’t pregnant in real life anymore. Those hide-the-belly shots were getting old.
I mean, Huck is our favorite, right?
STOP IT. Abby in the White House? I love it.
I saw her on Ellen today and she’s 100x prettier in real life.
By real life, I mean on TV.
And… Mellie. (Who I thought was actually named Millie, until I just Googled it.)
I want one of those hanging clear white board things in my house.
For meal planning. Not so much war strategies.
What happened to Millie last season? I can’t even remember. Why did she lose it?
I love Portia. Hate her hair like that.
Do you think she just kept that long white coat stashed away while she was on the beach?
Completely forgot about the whole Mama Pope thing.
I love that Jake thinks that they’re going back to the island. Because they’re not.
Nothing like a senator’s murder to get a girl to stick around.
OH, I love that actress who is playing the senator’s wife! Who is she?
He’s alive? Nice touch.
That trench coat with the gold details is amazing.
I’m guessing that’s not in the Olivia Pope clothing line.
Because it cost $1200. At least.
Huck is so not a Randy.
I should have watched the last season before I started this.
I have no idea why Mellie is laying on a grave.
Um, hello, Jake Ballard with the sexy speech.
And, we’re back in the office! Olivia Pope and Associates!
Cyrus is having some hair issues this season. It’s a little out of control.
The funeral. I want Olivia Pope to plan mine. Those flowers.
I love that when FLOTUS goes crazy, she wears Uggs 24/7.
“It’s 1976 down there!”
(Pretty sure we should just end things there.)

Did you watch? Thoughts?