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Whatcom Falls Park Bridge

Take your kids here this week: Whatcom Falls

Last night, in an attempt to defer the crazy that is Daylight Savings (seriously. why are we still doing this?) we packed up the kids after dinner and hit up Whatcom Falls Park. We didn’t stay very long — maybe an hour — but we packed a lot in.

The highlight was the falls themselves on this little evening outing. They are raging right now. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them so big and violent. Even if you’re Whatcom Falls regulars, make the trip over to the falls this week to check out the rush.

Whatcom Falls Park Trail

We took a nice, slow walk through the (very muddy) trails before heading to the playground and with the evening sun shining on our faces, it made me crave spring, big time. I spent a lot of time at Whatcom Falls Park as a young teenager (we’ll leave the details of those not-so-family-friendly adventures out, cough, cough.) and I know that there are so many nooks and crannies to explore. I can’t wait to spend some time getting reacquainted this summer… with the kids this time around. And probably a bathing suit that offers 99 percent more coverage than it did when I was 13.

Also, can I please confess that I have a horrible fear of accidentally falling into the fish hatchery ponds? With the thousands of fish swarming around me? Gross.

Find: Whatcom Falls Park // 1401 Electric Ave. // Bellingham, WA 98229 // More details about Whatcom Falls Park on the City of Bellingham website.

What is your favorite thing about Whatcom Falls Park?