bellingFAM Approved: Strider Bikes (Giveaway)

Strider Giveaway

We don’t spend much money on toys at our house. Books? For sure. Craft supplies? Yes. Things that get our kids outside as much as possible? Definitely.

I know you recognize this brand and I’m here to tell you how much we love our Strider Bike. LOVE. All caps.

Not only does it get the bellingFAM Approved stamp of approval from Everett, who just upgraded to one of Strider’s XL Seatposts to give his growing legs a little more room to stride, but it’s a favorite for Josh and me, too. We love it when he rides and we can tell that he’ll be ready to jump over to a peddle-bike with confidence, thanks to his time on his Strider Bike.

Strider Bike Review

 (Paul Frank helmet available from Bell Helmets)

Ev got his Strider for Christmas, just after he turned two and now, at nearly five, he’s still riding it and I suspect he will be for another year… or until his legs get too long, whichever comes first! When he was just a little guy, he totted around on his Strider often, up-and-down the sidewalk in front of our house mostly, getting used to how it feels to balance a bike underneath himself. Now, he’s more confident, cruising along much quicker and mastering how to steer and stride at the same time, a skill that often seems to be lost when kids are focusing on trying to peddle a traditional bike.

Strider Bike bellingFAM

We’re excited to team up with Strider Bikes for a giveaway that’s perfect for kicking off your holiday shopping. Just be sure to let Santa know that you’ve got him covered this year!

Want to check out a Strider Bike in Bellingham? Authorized dealers include Earl’s Bike Shop, Lenny’s Bike Shop (Ferndale), Mt. Baker Moto-Sports, Second Shot Sports (Lynden) and Wee Ones Reruns.

To enter to win a STRIDER 12″ SPORT BIKE, please click the Rafflecopter link below:

Giveaway Button

(If you’ve never used Rafflecopter before, I promise that it’s easy and the BEST and safest way to enter a giveaway on a blog, as well as for me to run a giveaways on bellingFAM. No registration necessary. All of your information provided is kept private. U.S. residents only, please.)

Giveaway provided by Strider Bikes
Products were provided for review.
No other compensation was provided for this post.
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26 thoughts on “bellingFAM Approved: Strider Bikes (Giveaway)

  1. Caitlin

    Awesome giveaway! My little one is only 15 months now but I can imagine her racing around on the trails in Cornwall park in about 6 months! PS where does the time go? Thanks!


  2. Charity

    They are great! Emma has been using hers for almost a year. I bet our little one will be ready to use one in the next year!


  3. Christine Olson

    My sweet baby is 16 months old, but she’s been walking since she was about 10 months old, and running and dancing soon after. I think she would be fearless for something like this! And then she’d want to use it everywhere!


  4. Jordan

    Luke LOVES his strider bike. He learned to ride a pedal bike about a month ago- basically taught himself since he was so comfortable balancing on his bike!


  5. Tavia

    We are thinking about getting one for
    Vaughn for
    Christmas! He would ride it around the ‘hood and on the basketball court at the park :)


  6. amy pugmire

    My son is almost 3 next month. I would love to give this to him for his b-day. We would ride it in the neighborhood, down to the park and around the lake!


  7. Amber

    My little guy would love this, even though he’s already four, he just can’t seem to figure out pedals. I hope they come in orange!


  8. Ursula

    I would love to win this for our daughter. :-) it’s our plan to get her one as soon as her legs are long enough!


  9. Tessa

    My little Diego will take his new strider all over the two church parking lots that we live between! Ample space for this little guy to learn and enjoy!!


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