bellingFAM Holiday Gift Guide {2014}: For the dads

Gifts for Dads

By far, the hardest ones to shop for are the dads. What is it about them anyway? Is it because when they want or need something, they just go out and buy it themselves? Maybe that’s it. So practical, those dads. We’ve literally been saving these gift ideas for dads all year long. Here’s to hoping that a few of them will be a good fit for the dads in your life! (Good luck!)

bellingFAM Holiday Gift Guide for Dads

Collapsible Utility Bucket, Uncommon Goods, $30
Dads and buckets go together like, well, dads and buckets. Dads love buckets and they usually have quite a collection, if they’re like the dads in our life. But, does he have one that collapses? Very cool and bonus points if you fill it up with some fun stuff, like car washing supplies.

Solid Cologne Trio, Bawston & Tucker on Shoppe by Scout Mob, $42
If you’re dad loves to smell handsome, we think these little solid colognes are perfect for his stocking. Plus, the trio gives you three chances to find a scent he likes.

Totescarf, Wintercheck Factory on AhaLife, $48
You can’t see it well on the picture above, but this scarf has a hidden zippered pocket, making it a good gift for the dad who loves to tailgate.

European Sports Car Room Spray, Archer Men, $14
Now, we know the dad in our life would love this, especially since his European car lost that coveted scent, oh, about 30 years ago. Other manly scents available, including “Distillery” and “Hunting Lodge.”

Good Grips Silicone Razor Holder, The Container Store, $3
These little razor holders have “stocking stuffer” written all over them.

Picnic Plus Cooladio Tub Cooler, Amazon, $65
This collapsible cooler is super cool and will keep him from making endless trips to the cooler. Plus, it can easily be folded up  to keep in the trunk of his car for on-the-go cooler needs. Because those exist, in the Land of Dads.

Pints of Steel Set, Urban Outfitters, $18
Because dads love beer.

Popcorn Flight Carton, KuKuRuZa, $19
KuKuRuZa popcorn is one of our favorite gifts, especially if you have a dad that lives far away because they will ship for you! For the Flight Carton, you can pick SEVEN different flavors. (The Jalapeno White Cheddar is Josh’s favorite!)

Custom-Message Leather Wallet, Found by Nicki on Etsy, $40 (she’s local!)
A local friend sent us this suggestion (thanks, hs!) and we replaced the wallet we were previously going to feature for these gems! These are custom-made wallets for dad, with any message you’d like to include. Check out her entire shop — so many thoughtful, beautiful gifts to choose from… straight out of Bellingham!

Bamboo Calculator, West Elm, $24
Make him finally kick that TI-85 (from high school!) to the curb and upgrade his calculator to something a little more hip. If calculators are hip. Which they are when you’re married to an engineer.

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