Mom style: Stitch Fix No. 2

My second box from Stitch Fix arrived last week and I was so excited to see what they picked for me. If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, you can read my initial review and visit their website for details.

I’d heard that the longer you subscribe, the better your fixes become, as  your stylists can tweek things to your liking, based on what you picked and returned from previous fixes. While I liked my first box, I wasn’t in love with it. So, in the meantime, I left a note on my profile, letting my stylists know that I started a Pinterest board dedicated to styles I loved and I started pinning everything that caught my eye and that I’d love to see in my fix. And, let me tell you, it worked.

In fact, it worked so well that they even sent me the exact shirt that I’d pinned!

Here’s what came in my second Stitch Fix box…

Margaret Elizabeth Bracelet from Stitch Fix

Margaret Elizabeth Bracelet // $88 

This bracelet was gorgeous and I had forgotten that Stitch Fix included jewelry, so it was a nice surprise. We chatted about whether or not to keep it on Instagram and Facebook and the general feeling from bracelet-lovers (which many of you aren’t, surprisingly!) was to keep it. At $88, it was just more than I would spend on a bracelet, so I sent it back.

Stitch Fix Review

Sweet Rain Tiffani Belted Racer-Back Maxi-Dress // $38

First of all, this dress was a steal! I had to take a double-take at the price. I really loved it, but it was just too small in the bust, which is why you’re not getting a picture of me wearing it. I would have kept it in a heartbeat, had it fit a little better.

bellingFAM Stitch Fix

41Hawthorn Ivy Embroidered Trim Tab-Sleeve Blouse // $68

I fell in love with the color of this blouse immediately, as well as the detailed herringbone-esque stitching along the neckline (also on the cuff tabs, not pictured). I was hoping that it would fit and it did, like a dream. Love the bunched up sleeves, the low neckline and the oversized fit. This was a keeper!

Stitch Fix White Jeans

Nolan Skinny Ankle Jeans // $78

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of white jeans and I don’t think that I’d ever buy a pair from the store, but these, I would consider. They were very soft and fresh and the fit in the legs, from the knee down was great (they do have a little side ankle zipper, not pictured). However, from the knees up, the fit was a disaster. They were too baggy, and as you can tell from picture above, the crotch situation was not working. Too much material and the waist had about 2-inches of space. I realized that I had my pants size a bit too large on my profile, so I adjusted it. If these had been a size smaller, I would have kept them. They were a great basic addition to the tops they sent me, which leads me to…

Stitch Fix Tulip Blouse

41Hawthorn Ivy Tulip Print Tab Sleeve Blouse // $68

This was the shirt that I’d pinned to my Stitch Fix Inspiration Pinterest board. Another blogger had reviewed it from her fix and somehow I came across it. Honestly, I had no idea that they could actually send me the exact same blouse! It is the same brand as the coral blouse that I kept above, but with a more structured fit. It’s a bit dressier and I think it will be perfect for my fall wardrobe, so I kept it.

What do you think? Did I make good choices? I was certainly pleased with what they sent in this fix and they certainly nailed the style. Hopefully we can improve on the fit the next time around!

I’ve heard and seen that many of you have tried Stitch Fix since my last post and I’d love to know what you think and what you got in your fixes! (Also, if you used the bellingFAM referral link, thank you!)

If you haven’t tried it yet, but would like to, you can use the bellingFAM referral link to get your first fix. If you’re interested, I know that when I looked this morning, they were booking fixes into the first week of August already, so grab a date… And, let me know if you have any questions as you’re filling out your profile. I’m happy to help! (You can always email me at bellingFAM @

Review is my own opinion and not sponsored by Stitch Fix. Please note that all links are referral links, as referenced above. I appreciate you using them if you sign up for Stitch Fix so that they know you came via bellingFAM… thank you!


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