6 Tips to get what you want from Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Tips

Every time I get a new Stitch Fix delivery, I always, ALWAYS get emails and questions about how I get the pieces I do in my fixes. And, with my sixth Stitch Fix on the way in just a couple of weeks (links to the detailed posts below), I’m starting to feel like I have the hang of it and that I can share a few tips and tricks that have helped me get the most of out of Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix Inspiration Pinterst Board

1. Start a dedicated Pinterest board
This is my No. 1 tip for getting a Stitch Fix box you love. I have a board named Stitch Fix Inspiration where I only pin styles and pieces that I want my Stitch Fix stylist to consider sending me.

Stitch Fix Social Media Settings

But, don’t stop there. Be sure to add your Pinterest board to your Stitch Fix profile. The option is almost at the bottom of the page, under Social Networks, just like I’ve shown above. Be sure to add the link to your specific Pinterest board, not your Pinterest account, in general.

Stitch Fix Instagram

2. Keep an eye on Stitch Fix on social media
This takes me to my next tip… following Stitch Fix’s social media accounts. I check in with what Stitch Fix has been pinning on Pinterest, as well as what they post on Facebook and Instagram. This way, if something catches my eye that I’d like in my next delivery, I can add it to my Pinterest board as a not-so-subtle hint to my stylist. A quick note to save time: Most of the time, if they post a picture on Instagram or Facebook, it will eventually end up on their Pinterest board too, for easy-pinning. Just keep an eye out!

 Stitch Fix Stylist Note

3. Leave a note for your stylist, every time
When you schedule your next fix, you can leave a note for your stylist and I suggest you do, every time. Be specific about things you’d like to see — or not see — in your next delivery. You can always go back into your Stitch Fix profile and add a note later, if there’s a must-have that pops up in the meantime.

Stitch Fix Sizes

4. Be honest about the size you wear
Most of the time, when I send items back to Stitch Fix, it’s due to fit. Sometimes pieces are too big, sometimes they are too small. While I can’t change the fact that not everything in every Stitch Fix box will fit me perfectly, I do find that tweeking my sizes in my profile helps them send me items that do fit better. For example, I found that the pants they were sending me, two boxes in a row, were too big, so I edited my sizes.

Stitch Fix Price Points

5. Be flexible with your price points
This is how I have my price settings set in my Stitch Fix profile and, from what I’ve found, they really do stick to what you suggest. However, I do keep a note in the “Final Comments” section (all the way at the bottom of my profile!) that I am flexible about the price categories. I found this helpful when I felt like they were sending me the same brand over-and-over again — giving them the go-ahead to send me pieces outside of my range mixed things up. For me, I’m happy to splurge on one item that I love in a box, rather than five items that I just kind of like.

Stitch Fix Romantic Profile

6. Don’t get stuck in your profile
See that collection above, I don’t really like it. But, by giving it a “Don’t really like it” rating in my Stitch Fix profile, I think I took myself out of the running of getting anything soft and pretty. I try not to get too stuck in my profile — just because I don’t like this collection, doesn’t mean I can’t request items that are on the more romantic-style side, which I did in my note to my stylist and they delivered, sending me a sweet, lace-back top that I love. Don’t let them pigeonhole you into one style category!

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Review is my own opinion and not sponsored by Stitch Fix. Please note that all links are referral links, as referenced above. I appreciate you using them if you sign up for Stitch Fix so that they know you came via bellingFAM… thank you!


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