Mom Style: Stitch Fix No. 5

Just to jog your memory, here’s a run down of my previous Stitch Fix deliveries:

Stitch Fix No. 1 (May 2014): A good start! I’m still regretting not keeping that Aztec print shirt, even though it was a little big.

Stitch Fix No. 2 (July 2014): I kept two of the tops from this box and they are two of my favorites, especially the orange-ish blouse. It’s a fan favorite on Pinterest, too.

Stitch Fix No. 3 (August 2014): My favorite box so far… I kept everything and they are in constant rotation in my closet.

Stitch Fix No. 4 (September 2014): A total bummer. Loved some of the styles, but the fit was off and it wasn’t very pre-fall, as I hoped it would be.

Stitch Fix No. 5

And now, Stitch Fix No. 5, which arrived just last week. All pictures courtesy of my darling, 7-year-old photographer, who had very strict instructions on how I should stand. (Oy, bear with me, friends. Tried to get over the in-my-bedroom-selfies for this one…)

Stitch Fix Level 99 Skinny Jeans

Level 99 Briley Skinny Jeans // $108

These jeans were cute and very, very soft, but they weren’t really what I was looking to add to my wardrobe. Plus, they were a bit long, so when I rolled them up, they made my legs look extra, super short. (Did I ever tell you that I thought I was 5’8″ until a year ago, when I realized that I’m only 5’6″? I’m still traumatized.) I sent these back. I don’t seem to be having any success with pants on Stitch Fix. Maybe I should ditch them on my requests… (Tank is from Gap, nothing special. Jacket listed below. Shoes via Nordstrom Rack, no longer available, that I can find.)

Stitch Fix Kensie Blouse

Kensie Davidson Floral Print Lace Detailed Blouse // $68

I adored this blouse from the moment I pulled it out of the box. It was just what I had asked for from Stitch Fix and it fit perfectly. The sleeves and the shoulders on the back are lace, for a super sweet, flirty feeling. I’ve had Kensie tops in the past and really loved them. This was a keeper, for sure. (Jeans are Gap Always Skinny. Shoes are Tieks in Ballerina Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.)

Stitch Fix Moto Jacket

41Hawthorn Kaiya Asymmetrical Convertible Moto Jacket // $118

This jacket is so pretty. I had pinned the gray version on my Stitch Fix Inspiration Pinterest board (or, one that’s very close, I suppose!) and I think if it would have come in gray in my box, I would have kept it. But, I have a very, very similar wool navy cropped jacket already, so this felt like too much of the same.

Stitch Fix Dress

Veronica M Seth 3/4 Sleeve Abstract Print Dress // $98

I went back and forth about this dress. Did I love it? Or not? I don’t often buy brown. In fact, I don’t think I have any brown in my closet. But, there was something about it I loved. It was easy to wear and comfortable and I loved the neckline and tie around the waist. When decision time came, I realized that it just felt a smidge too short for me and a smidge too clingy. A bad combo, right? (Shoes are by Splendid from

Stitch Fix Horseshoe Blouse

41Hawthorn Moni Horseshoe Print Stud Detail Top // $58

Another top that I’d pinned on my Stitch Fix Inspiration Pinterest board… but that I probably did in haste. It looked very cute on the gal who was wearing it, but not so much on me. The base color wasn’t good with my skin tone and the horseshoe print paired with the studded details didn’t feel like me, at all. I think it’s a very cute blouse… just on someone else. Can’t blame Stitch Fix for this one… they pulled it right off of my very own suggestions! Oops! It is available in other colors/prints, so maybe another time, Stitch Fix?

To sum things up for Stitch Fix No. 5, I only kept the Kensie blouse for $68… and I was pleased with that because I love it, so much.

I’ve had a few friends tell me that they’re bummed when they don’t love every single piece in their box and I suppose I come to it from a different perspective. I always hope that I’ll fall in love with just one piece. Anything else is a bonus. My clothing budget rarely allows me to splurge on more than that anyway! What do you think? Are you a fan of Stitch Fix for those perfect, rare finds you love? Or to fill your closet with ready-to-go outfits?

Another quick note… I do list the prices here, but as I found out recently, prices for similar items at different times of the year, may vary in different Stitch Fix deliveries for different customers. In other words, you might get the same top, at a different time of year, in a different color, and pay a different price. The prices I list in my Stitch Fix delivery are only for reference.

Interested in trying Stitch Fix? Feel free to email me with any questions you have about how it works, how to fill out your profile or what I love about using Stitch Fix. You can reach me at

Review is my own opinion and not sponsored by Stitch Fix. Please note that all links are referral links, as referenced above. I appreciate you using them if you sign up for Stitch Fix so that they know you came via bellingFAM… thank you!


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