Mom Style: Stitch Fix No. 6 & No. 7

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Stitch Fix and I’ve actually received two boxes since my last review in October. They were both filled with items that I loved… and that I didn’t. And, as usual, a piece or two that I’m really wishing I hadn’t sent back!

Here is my November Stitch Fix review:

Stitch Fix Mystree Chamberlin Cardigan

Mystree Chamberlin Striped Drape-Front Cardigan // $78

This cardigan was love at first sight. I had pinned it on my Stitch Fix Inspiration Pinterest board, but in another color, and knew it was a must-keep. It’s actually probably a size larger than necessary, but the oversized, super cozy feel is what I was going for, so I kept it.

There were a handful of other items in this box that I didn’t photograph. I did keep a pair of the Kut from the Kloth Denna Colored Skinny Jeans ($78). They are dark green and while I don’t regret keeping them, they stretch out a LOT when I wear them. They fit great for the first hour… and I spend the rest of the day pulling my pants up. If they were one size smaller, I would likely wear them every single day. They are so soft and the fit is awesome otherwise. Plus, the color is amazing.

Items I didn’t keep from this box included: 
Street Level Ace Studded Crossbody Tote ($58) // Great price for a bag, not my style.
Andrew Marc Manon Cable Knit Sweater Dress ($118) // Not my style & wrong fit.
Skies are Blue Maia Embroidered Cotton Knit Top ($58) // Frumpy and just no. NO.

Overall, November was a bit of a bust, the cardigan aside. But, that happens and like I’ve said before, I’m happy to get one piece I love in a box, rather than five things I kind of like, so I was pleased.

And, my December Stitch Fix review:

Stitch Fix Orion Zig Zag Wrap Scarf

Shiraleah Orion Zig-Zag Print Wrap Scarf // $38

I loved this scarf and had pinned it on my Stitch Fix Inspiration Pinterest board. It is huge and the pattern is so fun. In the end, I decided that the mustard-ish yellow wasn’t great with my skin, so I sent it back.

Stitch Fix Papermoon Tee

Papermoon Crissy Spacedye Cross-Back Knit Shirt // $44

I asked for a casual white tee in this box and this was just what I was hoping for. It’s really more of a summer shirt, but I will wear it during the cooler months layered with a sweater. The back has a cutout that dips a bit low, then has a crisscross to keep it together. I probably wouldn’t pick it up on a rack at the store, but ended up loving it.

Stitch Fix Moto Jacket

Stitch Fix December Review

Market and Spruce Elissa French Terry Moto Jacket // $74

This was another piece that I’d pinned, hoping to get it in my box at some point… and I did! The fit was great, except for the length. While it’s intended to be a cropped jacket, it really hit me in the wrong place. It’s very soft and can be worn in so many ways! I would highly recommend it.

Stitch Fix Sweater

Stitch Fix Elbow Patch Sweater

Evolution by Cyrus Abbot Crew Neck Elbow Patch Sweater // $108

Usually in every box, I have one item that I send back and regret it later. This was that piece for December. At first, I couldn’t believe that they sent me this weird, cowl neck sweater. But, when I put it on, I could see why it’s been a Stitch Fix favorite lately (according to my stylist). It was perfectly oversized and would look so cute with leggings and boots. And, those elbow patches? Swoon!

I requested a new pair of jeans in my box this time and said that I wanted some with a worn-in look. They sent me the Kut from the Kloth Denna Skinny Jeans ($58), which aren’t really what I had in mind and I just noticed that they are the same brand and fit of the jeans they sent me in November, but in denim, instead of a color. They were very nice and the fit was good, but I sent them back. I’ll be sure to give more specific guidelines in my note to my stylist for jeans in January!

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Please note… I do list the prices here, but as I found out recently, prices for similar items at different times of the year, may vary in different Stitch Fix deliveries for different customers. In other words, you might get the same top, at a different time of year, in a different color, and pay a different price. The prices I list in my Stitch Fix delivery are only for reference.

Interested in trying Stitch Fix? Feel free to email me with any questions you have about how it works, how to fill out your profile or what I love about using Stitch Fix. You can reach me at

Review is my own opinion and not sponsored by Stitch Fix. Please note that all links are referral links, as referenced above. I appreciate you using them if you sign up for Stitch Fix so that they know you came via bellingFAM… thank you!


2 thoughts on “Mom Style: Stitch Fix No. 6 & No. 7

  1. Kerry

    I received the Mystree Draped sweater last month too and love it! It’s perfect for my growing baby bump.

    I do not know how you sent that gorgeous scarf and green sweater back! Both are adorable. The price on the sweater is a little steep though. You got some cute stuff!!


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