Katie Loves This: Edition 3

I’m trying hard to think about anything outside of all of the caffeine I need pumped into my body this morning. Because, Halloween + weekend slumber parties + daylight savings time. Even my tired is tired. Here are some of my favorites that popped up last week… Enjoy!

Katie Loves This


Can we get an “amen” for the fact that one of our favorite (local!) kids’ clothing brands, kate&jAMES just came out with their first thing for the mamas? Loving their Ello Love Women’s Pullover Raglan, which is currently taking pre-orders. Get one.

I’ve had this recipe for Mini Poppy Seed Ham Sandwiches on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls pinned on my Dinner Pinterest board for ages and we finally made them last week. They are GOOD. The kids weren’t into the mustard sauce, but you could easily just put it on half for the adults. A note: I did bake it for about 40-minutes, not 20-minutes, like the recipe indicates.

This article on EverydayFamily, Real Moms Dish on the Power of Mom Friends, was a favorite last week. Some of the moms featured (and the author!) are gals that I’ve written with around and about on different sites and I loved reading more about the mom friends in their lives.

For a laugh, you must add What Would Yeezus Wear to your Instagram account. You can’t get much better that this.

Katie Loves This: Edition 1. October 2014.
Katie Loves This: Edition 2. October 2014.

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