Katie Loves This: Edition 6

And… we’re back!

Happy new year! I hope that your holidays were as lovely as ours. We took some true time-off to relax, enjoy the kids and spend time with family. It was much-needed and I feel rejuvenated after some major December burnout.

I’m excited to work on some new things on bellingFAM this year and even more excited to bring back some of the things that I started working on when bellingFAM launched, almost a year ago now.

First up, back to Monday morning favorites with the latest edition of Katie Loves This.

Katie Loves This

I don’t watch many YouTube channels, but this one, I love and I can’t help but recommend. Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy is kind of like having coffee with your best girlfriends. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I’ve had some of these same discussions with my mom friends. I have a subscription, so that it sends me an email when they post a new video. Super handy.

Every year, I have an idea of what I’m going to bring to Christmas Eve with our family and every year, I switch it up. As in, when I go to the grocery store that morning. I’m a hostess’s worst nightmare. I pulled up this Rosemary Cranberry Spread (via Pinterest for the pinners) which was easy and delicious and savory.

Mugs are hot right now. They’re the new graphic tees for 2015. You heard it here first. I received a mug from Ashley Brooke Designs for Christmas (thank you, AF!) and now I’m obsessed with her fun designs with witty sayings. I think her Hello Sunshine Mug is a cute gift, because if you’re like me, you have a million family and friend birthdays in January.

This was a Christmas favorite in our house, so I had to share it here. The kids received the L.L.Bean Kids’ Adventure Duffles and they’ve used them every single day. They’re not too big, making them the perfect size for the kids to carry on their own (even Everett!), but they hold quite a bit of stuff. Trust me, they’ve tested them out over winter break!

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have something for me to love? send me an email! i’d love to hear about it! bellingFAM@gmail.com xxoo.


2 thoughts on “Katie Loves This: Edition 6

  1. Megan

    Thanks so much for the shout! That was exactly my hope for the channel – that chatting with your girlfriends feel. Thanks for watching!


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